Pretty and Natural Summer Makeup using only 5 Products

I am someone who loves makeup, especially working with Jane Iredale, Bobbi Brown, and MAC’s products, but as the weather is finally warming up, our thoughts are turning to warm, summer days, holidays and honeymoons.

So, what’s a makeup-crazy girl to do when she is headed out to the beach, BBQ, or a summer walk with her boyfriend? Bare-faced may be a little too bare, but looking made up looks out of place. A little enhancement always boosts our confidence and brightens our day, so here is a fresh and natural look that takes less than five minutes:

Natural Makeup
Natural Makeup for Summer
Jane Iredale Dream Tint
Jane Iredale Dream Tint

Product 1 – For a warm summer day, you don’t want to build up to a full coverage, just protect and enhance your natural skin. I like to use Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Foundation which is an SPF 20 or Jane Iredale Dream Tint which is SPF 15. Use a light layer of either product and remember to apply the foundation/dream tint to the eyelids and ears, as these burn easily and are prone to hyper-pigmentation as we age. If you have dark circles or blemishes, you can add a little extra to cover up.

Product 2 – Bobbi Brown’s Brightening Brick in the shade Bronze Glow gives the most natural, radiant glow to the cheeks and face. The color in the compact looks dark but it is soft and beautiful on the face. I like to use Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronzer Brush to achieve a perfect light finish.

Product 3 – I team the Brightening Brick with Pot Rouge for lips and Cheeks; a gorgeous multi-purpose product which I use on the cheeks to give a soft glow, and the eyes for a blush of colour. My favourite summer colour is Powder Pink which gives a soft pink flush on the cheeks and eyes to make your eyes pop in the sunlight.

Product 4 – Finish the eyes with a just a thin layer of mascara. I like to use Maybelline Great Lash Natural Pretty MakeupMascara in Waterproof as it has a more natural dark lash look than the full on black mascara which we all love for special occasions and evening makeup, and it also stays put!

Product 5 – Finish your brows with a clear mascara to groom and hold them in place.

Product 3 – For lovely lips, moisturise your lips then blot your Pot Rouge for lips and Cheeks on your lips for a soft, stained finish.

Now you can head out, fresh, natural and gorgeous!


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Recreate Shoot 3

My Recreation Shoot on 25th February went really well. I chose 2 amazing models, Maddie and Josh who were absolutely amazing.  I was styling this shoot on a few of Tom Ford’s advertisements which I have loved over the last 18 months and both of my models loved the call sheet and story board which I put together.  I took 2 rather unflattering photos of these amazing models pre-makeup application to compare with my final images.

Further to my previous post on this shoot, I am still absolutely love all of the photos which have come from the afternoon with these two gorgeous models.  Choosing my final images to edit was really difficult. I whittled it down to about 30 images however I had to make a choice of 2 images! This was becoming a nightmare as I just couldn’t choose.  After taking a break for a couple of days I went back and chose a final 6 images as seen below. I decided to discount 4328 and 4408 as Maddie’s hair wasn’t exactly how I wanted it to be. This left me with one final portrait image for the shoot which I called Evening 2 Before. With regards to the landscape images, the image which I chose (Evening Before) stood out to me immediately as the strongest of the 3 images and so I had to choose that image to edit.

Evening Contact Sheet

Contrary to a previous blog post on Editing, I have decided to edit the photos myself. As talked about in my Metallic Shoot 3 post, I took to YouTube for tutorials on how to edit the images in a subtle way and the three most useful and easy to understand tutorials which I found are:

  1. Retouch, Airbrush and Smooth Skin Professionally in Photoshop by Photoshop Tutorials
  2. All About Skin Retouching by Adrienne McNeillis
  3. How to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop by Elena Jasic

I didn’t want to change the photos too much as I am not a Photographer and that proficient at Photoshop however I did want to tidy them up a bit. Here are my two final images chosen with both before editing and after editing.

I will be editing more photos from this shoot and to see the final images, please check out My Portfolio

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