Signature Style – Choosing my Photos

The process for creating my Mondrian style makeup started with a beautiful canvas and natural makeup. I then mapped out the design on Maddies face with gridding tape. Next I colored in the appropriate squares with colors, removed the tape and drew in the lines with a black face paint. The process can be seen below.

After my final assessed shoot I had many great photos of my model Maddison to choose from. As I can only choose 2 to be submitted in my portfolio I had a difficult job ahead of me.  My contact sheet can be seen below which shows the number of great photos which I had to choose from.

maddison contact sheet

I chose 06-04-64 and 06-04-91.  I didn’t have to do much editing to these photos and I love the way that both photos show the contrast of the more natural side and the avant garde side of the face.

My final image can be seen below.

CLAIRE_M_06_0464 - Final Image

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my university assessed shoots, photo shoots and general makeup tips and tricks. I will continue to give advice and information over the summer and updates on my photographic makeup work and resume in September with my final year of University blog posts.

See you all soon

Claire xx

Evaluation – Signature Style/Showstopper Shoot

This shoot was confusing at first as I believed that we had to create a photograph depicting our own signature style of hair and makeup. I firstly planned to create another modern smoky look which is my signature style however when I spoke with Victoria about the shoot she explained that the shoot is intended to me more of a showstopper style and should be the first images in my portfolio. They should make the person looking at my portfolio want to look further to see more of my work.  With this in mind, I decided that I would look at different classic inspiration. I found an YSL Mondrian style dress on the internet and wanted to know more about it. Upon completing my research I discovered that it was styled on the work of an artist called Piet Mondrian. I knew his work but didn’t know the artist and so I set up a Pinterest board to research more of his paintings. I showed my ideas to Carl who inspired me to look at other artists such as Lerdinand Leger and Bridget Riley. I absolutely loved their work however for my assessed shoot I decided to stay with my original inspiration of Piet Mondrian. I have decided that I want to create a series of artist inspired makeup styles for my portfolio using inspiration from the artists above and also Pablo Picasso.

I wanted to keep the hair off my models face however I wanted it to be quirky to match the artist’s style. My final image for this shoot can be seen below.

CLAIRE_M_06_0464 - Final Image

In conclusion, I can confirm that I have embraced this module with enthusiasm. I have really appreciated the experimentation sessions which have led me to use new products and ideas and have used these sessions efficiently to discover my own style.

I am extremely proud of my current portfolio and all final images can be seen at


Evaluation – Metallic Shoot

For this shoot we were given the brief of metallic or texture. I loved the idea of this theme however I had too many ideas which I wanted to create. As we were given experimental sessions I decided to use this time to create some of my other ideas and shoot them in the studio. I wanted to create 4 different looks to experiment with; metallic, glitter, gloss and wet look.  I chose metallic for my actual assessment as I love the autumn/winter trends of metallics. As I had previously used metallic for 2 avant garde shoots, using gold leaf and also airbrush silver foundation, I decided to create a more contemporary look with the metallics. My Pinterest Mood board for this shoot can be found at: Makeup – Metallic.

I matched the modern metallic smoky eye with fashionable tousled hair and a metallic denim jacket. I wanted to keep the shoot up-to-date and so I didn’t want to add any props or backgrounds which could date the style of the shoot. The final images can be seen below.

My next shoot in the series of metallic / texture was a glossy eye look. I looked into a few different ways to create this look and ended up using a cream taupe eyeshadow with a gloss over the top.  I wanted to create a natural, nude toned theme and so I kept the remainder of the makeup neutral and simple as the majority of the images which I had seen using this glossy eye look had bright eyes and matching bright gloss lips. My research mood board for this shoot can be found at: Makeup – Glossy Eyes and my final image can be seen below.

Gloss Eyes

My next experimentation with this theme was a wet look. My inspiration for this shoot can be found at: Makeup & Hair – Wet Look. Again there are many ways to create a wet look on models and so I chose to use a baby oil gel on the skin and water with argan oil on Talia’s hair. It gave an amazing look to the final images as her hair took on its natural curly state when wet and looked amazing with the shine on her skin.  The final images can be seen below.

My last experimentation shoot for this theme was glitter. I had many ideas of using glitter including on eyes, lips, as a highlighter, to make glitter tattoos or all over the face. I made an inspiration board on Pinterest: Makeup – Glitter. I decided that I didn’t want to create an avant garde look with the use of glitter as that is what would be expected. I produced a classic makeup for this look then sprayed Chlo all over with glitter.  I asked Carl is we could make the lighting darker on one side and have a more moody feel to the shoot and the images came out just as I wanted, as can be seen below.

Overall, I absolutely loved this theme of metallic or texture as it has given me lots of opportunities to use products in ways which I haven’t used them before and also try new products.  It has also encouraged me to research how to create different textures with the use of makeup and how to use them in a way which is appropriate to my own style.

Claire xx

Evaluation – Recreate Shoot

When we were given the brief for our Portfolio Development Module I was enthusiastic at the prospect of adding more photos to my portfolio which would enable me to improve my collection by adding missing genres. We were given 3 themes: Recreate an Image, Metallic or Texture and Signature Style (Showcase) with the aim of adding variety and diversity to our portfolio.

I knew instantly which theme I wanted to recreate from my first year; Evening Makeup. I didn’t like the first draft of the shoot at all. Not only had I had a problem with my model, firstly with her age and misleading description on her Purple Port profile page but when she arrived, she didn’t want to wear heavy makeup and resisted me carrying out a full evening look on her.  Due to this reason I decided that the opportunity to recreate the evening look would be perfect.

When speaking to Victoria (my tutor) she suggested that I take this occasion to make the shoot ‘bigger and better’ than the first attempt. With this in mind I did a lot of research for my 1st Shoot and wanted to create a modern evening look and take it one step further by using both a man and woman. One of the makeup artists who inspire me at the moment is Charlotte Tilbury and in researching her work, I discovered that she created the makeup looks for the Tom Ford Beauty Campaigns. The photos for these campaigns really inspired me to create a modern smoky look along with a contemporary hairstyle and clothing.

I wanted to create a more mature look than my previous endeavour with a slightly sexier feel to the shoot and decided to create this through the clothing and lighting along with the hair and makeup. My inspirational images for the shoot can be found in my Pinterest board: Inspiration – Couples Shoot and below.


On the day of the shoot the whole process of the hair, makeup, styling of the models and the lighting went exactly to plan.  I described the look and feel of the shoot to Carl, my photography tutor, and we set the lighting up with a tabaco colored background.

The final images, as can be seen below are perfect and completely represent the idea which I was aiming for with the shoot.

Keep reading my blog posts for more information on how we bring together a photo shoot and create the amazing hair and makeup looks to bring the shoots alive.

Claire xx

7 Ways to Revamp Your Feline Flick for the Summer

Hair & Makeup, Photography, Words and Styling: Claire Murray

Whether it’s for brightening your makeup, elongating your eyes or just trying new ways to restyle your eyeliner.

The Classic WingEyeliner Wing

  1. Begin by drawing a line along the natural shape of your upper eyelid. I used MAC Gel Fluid Liner in Blacktrack and 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush.
  2. Begin to wing out the liner from the corner of the eye.
  3. Connect the end of the line to your original line, joining them at about 2/3 of the way into the corner of your eye.
  4. Fill in the gap and smooth out the line.
  5. For a fuller wing, repeat steps 2 – 5 and exaggerate the line for even more effect.


The Double WingDouble

  1. Create the classic wing using a gel eyeliner.
  2. With a pencil, on the lower lash line, start at the end of the wing on the upper lid but leave a gap between the lines. Draw a lower wing dragging it half way along your lower lash line. I used MAC Eye Kohl in Smoulder.
  3. With a small brush, smudge the liner a bit on the lower lash line below the lashes (not the wing).


The Bold WingEyeliner Bold

  1. Create the classic wing using a gel eye liner and MAC 210 brush. I used MAC Fluid Line in Blitz ‘n’ Glitz.
  2. Starting at the inner eye add more liner to make it thicker on top.
  3. Once you get to the outer corner follow the shape of the wing and extend it slightly.
  4. Bring the point back down to meet the classic wing and fill in any gaps.


The Graphic WingEyeliner Graphic

  1. Begin by drawing a straight wing from the outer corner of the eye. I used MAC Penultimate Eyeliner.
  2. Connect the end of your wing to the inner corner of your eye using a straight line.
  3. Fill in any gaps.
  4. Draw a straight line from the end of the wing to the outer corner of the eye at a 45o
  5. Draw a vertical line down to create a triangle shape.


The Soft Sexy SquareEyeliner Square

  1. Use a pencil to line the top of your upper lash line as tightly as possible. I used MAC’s Kohl Powder Eye Pencil in Feline.
  2. Follow the line out to create the bottom of the square.
  3. Complete the square shape and fill it in bringing the kohl over half of the lid.
  4. Use your finger or a brush to smudge the kohl across the eyelid towards the inner eye to create a soft faded look.
  5. If you want more definition, draw the edge of the square with a liquid liner.


The Coloured WingEyeliner Coloured

  1. Create a classic wing using a brighter coloured gel such as gold, silver or turquoise. I used Smashbox’s Jet Set Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Turquoise.
  2. For a more dramatic look, bring the colour down under your bottom lash line.


Eyeliner Two Coloured

The Two Coloured Wing

  1. Create a slightly elongated classic wing using a black liquid liner.
  2. Let it set for a minute then ontop of the black line, draw a coloured line following the shape of the wing.

Easy but Dramatic!



  1. Gel Eyeliner – Apply with an eye liner brush. Intense Colour. Up to 24-hour wear. Doesn’t flake, smudge, smear or run.
  2. Pencil Liner – Softly glides over the eyelid for a long-lasting and intense result, which can be blended.
  3. Liquid Liner – Water-resistant, quick and precise to apply. Won’t smudge or run, and stays in place until you say when.
  4. Cake Liner – Apply with an eye liner brush to create bold, dark, dramatic eyes. Colour-intense, quick-drying and doesn’t smudge. Can be used wet or dry.
  5. Kohl Liner – Very soft, smooth & creamy formula that glides on easily. Waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof and heat-proof.


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Claire xx

My Style Shoot – 3

It’s the day before my final assessed photo shoot at University and I am just about to pack my kit, (hair and makeup), clothes, face charts etc.

As the makeup is in the style of a famous artist, Piet Mondrian, I have decided to keep the clothing simple; a black body con dress, as this wont detract from the brightly coloured abstract makeup.


The hair on the other hand I want to be back off the face but I want something a little bit more adventurous than a simple pony tail.  I am thinking of possibly taking inspiration from one of the photos below.  All of the photos can be found on my Pinterest Board for this shoot.

There will be no props or accessories used as I want the shoot to be very simple and stylish. The main focus is the hair and the makeup.   With a sleek, off the face style like one of those above, coupled with the bright abstract colours of the makeup (Piet Mondrian work can be seen below), I believe that the shoot will be very stylish and effective.



I want the lighting to be bright and airy. I don’t want moody shadows. An idea can be seen below and on my Pinterest Board.


My call sheet for this shoot can be found here:  Call Sheet for 05 05 16 Maddie.

I have a model release form which I will ask Maddison to complete tomorrow. I obviously wont be putting a copy of that onto this post as it has her personal details on it, but a blank copy can be found here: Model Release 2016

Once I have completed the shoot I will post some of the sneak preview images before I start my editing.

Keep reading for more info on how we pull shoots together, behind the scenes photos and post production information. If you have any ideas on what you want me to write about or give step by step tutorials on, please email me at and sign up to my Newsletter at my website –

Claire xx


My Style Shoot – 2

Having had a discussion with my two Tutors for this subject, Vicky and Carl, I have come to the conclusion hat this piece needs to be more of a ‘showstopper’ than a general ‘my style’ picture.

With this in mind, I have looked at all of the subjects which interest me and also what I take inspiration from to create a new makeup design for this last Photo Shoot.

I researched flowers, historical eras, catwalk trends, and art and fashion. The subject which really stood out to me was fashion and as such I began to look at different designers iconic clothes and their styles.  The 3 books which O looked at first are:

Whilst I found the books fascinating, they were directed at the photography side of the project rather than providing me with fashion images.

I turned to the internet next and researched iconic fashion from different designers such as Dior, Chanel and YSL.

YSL grabbed my interest straight away as I love their colour block dresses from 1960’s. I have attached a copy of my screen shot below for your information on the images which inspired me.

Iconic Fashion

After conducting even more research I discovered that the dress was inspired by an artist called Piet Mondrian.  As I began to explore more of his work I made a Pinterest board dedicated to Piet Mondrian.

One of the things which captures my imagination with Piet Mondrian is the simplicity of the lines and the blocks of colours. He was obviously influential enough to inspire YSL with the above iconic dress in the 1960’s.  Examples of his work can be seen below.

This is a concept which I am going to explore further over the next couple of weeks as I have also discovered another 3 amazing artists, Pablo Picasso, Bridget Riley and Lerdinand Ledger who all inspire me. I would love to create 4 different prices of work, each one inspired by one of the above artists.

Keep reading for more info on how we pull shoots together, behind the scenes photos and post production information. If you have any ideas on what you want me to write about or give step by step tutorials on, please email me at and sign up to my Newsletter at my website –

Claire xx

Natural Summer Look – No Makeup, Makeup


Hair & Makeup, Photography, Words and Styling: Claire Murray

For those times at weekend when we don’t want to be bothered but still want to look good, here is a makeup look that that takes less than ten minutes.

One of the many things which I get asked is how to make makeup light, bright and pretty for shopping at the weekend or having lunch with our friends in the summer months.  We all want a slightly different look to the one which we wear for work or going out. It’s nice to look like we’ve made an effort without looking too done up.

  • Firstly you want a light Natural Makeupfoundation. Use your favorite foundation mixed with a small amount of moisturiser, or if you haven’t tried it, you might like a BB Cream or Mac’s Studio Face & Body Foundation. It’s a fluid foundation that provides low-to-medium buildable coverage and a flawless, natural satin-shine finish. It is water-resistant and long-wearing and easy to apply either with your fingers, sponge or a blending brush.
  •  Next apply a bit of concealer. I love YSL Touch Éclat for this because it is subtle and brightens the whole eye area. Apply a bit over any dark circles (if you have them) and then in the inner and outer corners of the eye. Blend out well. Cover any blemishes with a creamy blendable concealer like Mac’s Pro Longwear.
  •  For a natural healthy glow, use a light blusher such as Mac Mineralize Blush in Petal Power. It is a sheer and lightweight powder which builds lightly without leaving a heavy coverage and is ideal to blend for a natural summer glow. Start applying the blush a tiny bit under the roundest part of your cheeks and blend up and out towards the top of your ear. You want a light, luminous shimmer rather than full on sculpting.
  •  To bring out your eyes without looking overly made up, choose a light eye shadow that compliments your eye colour. I love MAC’s Rice Paper, Vanilla or Mylar. Brush the shadow on with your brush upside down so that the majority of the colour is around your lash line. Use your brush to blend around the edges and up into the crease. Whatever is left on your brush, dab into the inner corner of your eye to make you look more bright and awake.
  •  Apply 2 coats of Extended Play Lash Mascara by MAC. There is no need to go all out and full on, it should look soft and gentle.
  •  To add a bit more definition to your eyes, apply a neutral colored pencil like Jane Iredale’s Eye Pencil in Black/Brown, into your lash line. No wings or heavy lines. Just define the top of your eye and bring the pencil slightly under your eye ½ way along.
  •  Don’t forget a splash of lip gloss to finish your look. My 2 favourites which suit almost everyone are MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink or Jane Iredale Puregloss in Pink Candy.  Don’t forget to pop your gloss in your pocket to reapply during the day.

It’s as easy as that for your quick weekend look so that leaves you plenty of time to enjoy your weekend.

Keep reading for more info on how we pull shoots together, behind the scenes photos and post production information. If you have any ideas on what you want me to write about or give step by step tutorials on, please email me at and sign up to my Newsletter at my website –

Claire xx