Do You Have a Phobia of Lash Curlers?

Updated 2018

eyelash curler - woman using

One of the main beauty tools I use and the one which causes the most looks of horror when I approach clients with it in my hand is my eyelash curler! Upon first glance, an eyelash curler looks like something straight out of a medieval nightmare however if used the right way is a necessary makeup tool and completely painless.

Curling the eyelashes is one of those parts of a makeup application that never gets much credit but can produce remarkable results when done correctly. With a proper curl, lashes look longer, thicker, fuller, and the eyes themselves appear larger and more awake.  What more could you ask for???

Like most tools, there is a wide variety of different types, sizes and ways to use an eyelash curler. The standard eyelash curler is held with your thumb and middle finger for a more controlled experience. But there are also heated eyelash curlers that look like wands, and precision (half lash) eyelash curlers that help curl your lashes in small groups allowing for a more precise experience, or easier experience if you have smaller eyes.

How to use an Eyelash Curler

Every makeup artist has their own method of curling lashes, but here is my technique how to properly use eye lash curlers to curl lashes on a client or yourself – time-tested from years of experience.

Always start with clean lashes. Using a curler after applying mascara makes it easier to break or pull out lashes as they can stick to the curler itself.

With your eyes open or looking down at an angle, hold the curler the way you normally hold a pair of scissors and lift your eyelid slightly with your opposite hand. Place the curler at the base or root of your lashes. The flat part at the top of the curler should sit flush with your eyelid.

Once your curler is upright so that the curve faces out and is in place at the root of your lashes, check to see that you have all of the lashes inside the curler. Gently clamp the curler together in a soft pumping motion. Now turn the curler upwards so that the curve of the curler lines up with the curve of your eyelid’s crease. This is the pro secret. It will give you curl, rather than a crimp effect.

Eyelash Curler 1

Walk the curler up from the root of the lash all the way to the tip, pressing and gently pumping the eyelash with the same pressure, until you reach the end.

Open the eyelash curler and examine the perfect curl. Repeat if necessary to define your lashes before applying makeup. Then, of course, do the other eye!

Eyelash Curler 2

Top Tips

NEVER Heat up your lash curler. It heats up to quickly, making it too easy to burn your fragile skin and lashes. Ouch!

Remember to look at yourself in the mirror, so that you’re not blindly squeezing the curler.

Keep your eyelash curler clean. The one thing I harp on about to every one of my clients is the necessity to keep your eyelash curler clean. This isn’t just for hygiene. That black residue on your curling bumpers does not magically disappear. In fact, that gunk can build up, stick to your lashes and possibly pull them out completely.

Also, if you leave makeup/dirt on the bumper of your eyelash curler, the rubber gets hard and in effect turns your eyelash curler into a pair of scissors!!!  Every time you use your eyelash curler, wipe the bumper clean with a small amount of makeup remover or a baby wipe: this will ensure that you will have lovely curled lashes each time.

Experiment with different types of curlers until you find the one that is right for you. The right fit for you depends on your eye shape. Remember, don’t be scared of eyelash curlers. You are in charge at all times and if you don’t like it, you can stop!

My Favourite Eyelash Curlers

A lot of makeup artists have their favourite lash curlers, myself included. The Shu Uemura and Japonesque pro performance eyelash curlers are probably two of the most popular with professionals. I do love them but one of my current favourite eyelash curlers is the Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler, as I find that it does give an amazing curl and looks less scary for clients.  If you’re looking for a great cheaper option to use until you get to grips with using lash curlers, the W7 Groovy Curls Eyelash Curler is a great option and also comes in some gorgeous bright colours too.

For Weddings and eyelashes that need a bit more encouragement to curl such as Asian Lashes, I like to use Eyelure’s Heated Eyelash Curler for a curl that lasts all day and also feels lovely on your client’s eyes.

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