How to apply False Eyelashes like a Makeup Artist

False Eyelashes

For me false lashes are to beautiful makeup as a frame is to a beautiful picture. They are “the accent that completes most makeup looks, drawing more attention to the eyes.

To lengthen, thicken and boost our natural lashes, false lashes have now become a staple on the red carpet, where celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Adele, Nicole Scherzinger and Kim Kardashian wear them to finish looks that are like works of art. But the accessory is also gaining widespread popularity outside of Hollywood, becoming a go-to option for day or evening.

For me there is no right or wrong pair of false lashes however it is important to consider where you will be wearing them and the effect you are going for when choosing a pair that is right for you.

Individual lashes, like those offered by Makeup Artists for weddings and Occasion Makeup are a great option for those who wish to enhance a specific area on their natural lash, for example elongating them at the outer edges or emphasizing them in the centres to open up eyes. These are a little bit tricky to do on yourself so get ready with a friend and apply each other’s!

individual lashes - Copy

As a general rule, I like to put the longer lashes at the outer corners, medium lashes in the middle and shorter lashes at the inner corner. This gives a lovely effect which opens your eyes and looks sexy! My preference are Ardell individual lashes as they are knot free and give a more natural look when attached.

EyeEnvy Corner Lashes

Half lashes, like EyeEnvy 208 Corner Lashes and Ardell’s half lash are the easiest to apply, as you have less length to line up with your natural lashes. They also look gorgeous when creating a cat eye and perfectly complement winged liner.

Full lashes open up the eyes the most, as they add volume to the entire lash line; they are Eye Envy 303 Lashes.jpgthe most dramatic and also the most flattering for those with sparse lashes.

Daytime lashes – When putting together a more subtle, natural look for daytime I recommend choosing softer pair of full lashes, such as EyeEnvy 105 Lashes.  These lashes are a natural length and wispy. At the moment I’m also loving Eye Envy 309 Lashes. Perfect for those needing extra fullness every day. For more dramatic, playful, glamorous results, select a thicker pair of natural lashes such as EyeEnvy 103 Lashes. Again these are a natural length and wispy but much fuller than 105 Lash.

Step-by-step guide for applying a full strip of lashes:

Step 1: Measure the lashes to make sure the band is the right length for your lash line. For the most comfortable fit, they should begin approximately 3-4mm away from the inner corner of your eyes. If they are too big cut them to size with a small pair of scissors. Always cut off the outer edge not inner edge of the lash.

Step 2: Wiggle the band to soften the lash, so that it may fit easily over your lash line.

Step 3: Some lashes are straighter than others so if necessary, curl the lashes with an eyelash curler before putting them on. You’ll get the loveliest curl this way.

Step 4: Squirt a bit of lash adhesive to the back of your hand. Using a cotton bud, pick up some adhesive and spread it across the band.

Tip: Not all lash glue is created equal. Use a glue that starts out white and dries clear as Duo lash adhesiveopposed to one that dries dark. Dark lash glue has a tendency to mess up your eye makeup if you don’t get the application right the first time. (I like Duo eyelash adhesive and never use anything else)

Step 5: Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become a bit tacky. This ensures that the lashes will adhere immediately, without lifting and sliding around.

Tip: The best position for applying false lashes: looking down past your nose into a mirror. This gives you the best view of your lash line and will help you get the application correct. Plus, it keeps glue from getting on your eyelids and messing up your makeup application.

Step 6: Tilt your head back slightly, while looking in the mirror. Using tweezers, hold the lashes in the middle while you apply them. Place the lash on the inner corner first and then attach the outer corner so it sits slightly above the natural lash line.DO NOT leave a gap.Now press down on the left, center and right ends of the lashes.

Tip: Wait two minutes for your lashes to dry, then go over them with a dark liner right at the root of your lashes.

Step 7: If necessary, use your eyelash curler and lightly press your real and false lashes together for a seamless finish and finish with a light coat of mascara.

Tip: How to make Your Lashes Last. If you plan on reusing your strip lashes, don’t apply mascara to them. Also, do not wash them as water will ruin most false eyelashes. If they’re especially messy from lash glue, gently peel it off. You can also use a gentle eye makeup remover and a Q-tip to cleanse the base.

False Eyelashes 2

Have fun trying out your new lashes – go on be brave.

Here’s an easy to follow video by blogger Nikkiajoy

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