Makeup Mistakes That Are Ageing You (and How to Fix Them)

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Makeup Mistakes That are Ageing you, and how to fix them

A pinch of color on your cheeks or a rich flattering lipstick shade can easily erase years off your face, but the wrong makeup can do just the opposite.

Woman before and after makeup
Woman before and after makeup

Seemingly harmless blunders, like overdoing barely-there brows or adding too much powder to eliminate shine are just a few of the many surprising reasons why your face is looking tired and older lately. Myself and several makeup artists weigh in on the most common mistakes you’re committing that are aging you, as well as how you can prevent them from hiding your natural glow:

Going Too Light (or Dark) with Concealerdemi-lovato-makeup-fail-white-light-concealer

Concealer is the perfect go-to product for hiding fine lines, blemishes, and dark circles under the eyes however the wrong color can also make you look older instantly. When carrying out makeup lessons I have found that many women are too heavy in the application of under eye concealer and often choose shades that are far too light for them as seen on Demi Lovato below. The aim of a concealer is to conceal and not to highlight as per the picture on the right. Always use a creamy concealer that matches your shade of foundation which will give the result of concealing and correcting in a way that leaves you looking awake and recharged instead exaggerated!

Woman applying concealer

Powder Overload

Powders help in setting your makeup, and eliminating shine, but applying too much of it throughout the day can result in the product settling into fine lines, accentuating wrinkles and sitting on top of your skin making it look strange and dry! as seen below on Nicole Kidman.  If you have oily skin then use a moisture control primer such as MAC’s Oil Control Lotion which is “an oil-free moisturiser that offers lightweight hydration and no-shine oil control”.

Another great product to keep in your bag is you have oily skin are blot papers. They’re great for on-the-go touch-ups as they manage oil without disturbing makeup or clogging skin with layers of product.

nicole kidman powder gone wrong

Skipping Creamy Cosmetics

As women mature, the skin on the face and neck becomes dryer, resulting in a loss of radiance. To prolong a youthful appearance, swap your powder foundation for a liquid foundation and maybe try using a cream blush instead of a powder. Powders tend to sit on the skin’s surface, drawing attention to fine lines and wrinkles and the glow from a creamy product gives the appearance of youth.


Creating Harsh Lines

Everyone knows eyeliner can make eyes appear brighter and more awake, but applying too dark, harsh lines can also accentuate crow’s feet and wrinkles on the delicate eye area. Remember to change from a black to brown/black or brown eyeliner as you get older for a softer (but still dark) look as below. Also, make sure you smudge it out instead of creating a solid line and keep it mostly on the top lid. Your eyes will look defined, but not weighed down. The result is a lift on the upper eye, which always makes you look fresher and younger, however heavy lines under the eyes make them look tired and accentuate lines and wrinkles whilst making the eyes look smaller.


Extreme EyebrowsExtreme Eyebrows

Not everyone is born with lush, full, perfectly arched eyebrows, and most of us are guilty of over plucking them at some time in our life however filling them in with a too dark colour is a definite no! (As seen below) You can create thicker, more beautiful brows with a pencil or powder, but the key is choosing the perfect shade. The key is to choose one shade lighter than your hair color if you’re brunette and one shade slightly darker if you’re blonde or a redhead. Remember that you’re not drawing on new eyebrows but filling in any gaps you may have, concentrating on the arch and tail end.

Wearing Metallics

Intense metallic and glitter shades on the eye can be challenging for older women. I prefer using shadows with a soft shimmer that makes your eyes twinkle and more youthful rather than emphasising lines.

Over Doing the Blush

Unless your goal is to look like a cartoon version of yourself, (See Drew Barrymore below) go light on blush in a color that flatters your skin tone. When applying blush, smile, and blend directly on the apples of your cheeks and blend out towards your temples. Correctly applied blush can add a youthful glow and take years off a face, but too much in a darker shade or too pale pink can add years onto your face. Those with olive and darker skin tones should choose a warm shade, with those with fair skin must look out for rosy tones.

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