4 Beauty Essentials to Pack in your Carry-on Bag (Updated 2018)

It’s that time of year when we all start to think about packing for our summer holidays.  Everyone knows long plane journeys can wreak havoc on your skin and leave your face looking tired and dull. Keep your skin fresh and beautiful with these travel beauty must-haves. Bring them in your carry-on and go straight from the plane to your summer adventure.

1.      Hydration Spray
REVOLUTION Hyaluronic Fixing Spray 2

Hydration Sprays are the BEST product to bring with you on the plane. Not only do they refresh your skin with a light fragrance, but they also keep it hydrated in the dry cabin environment. My new go to hydration spray is Revolution’s hyaluronic fixing spray as it contains Sodium Hyaluronate, which has the ability to penetrate skin and hold onto water, resulting in hydrated and plump skin. I spritz throughout the day for an extra dose of hydration and the perfect pick me up! Another added bonus is they are flight friendly at 30ml.

2.     Hand Cream

I like to take ELIZABETH ARDEN Eight 8 Hour Intensive Moisturising Hand Cream on flights as again it is only 30ml and so is airport friendly.  This fast-absorbing gel cream for the hands moisturises for up to eight hours. Soothing emollients smooth and soften rough, weather-exposed skin. Signs of dryness and cracking are reversed so hands look and feel soft and touchable. What more can a girl ask for but to add instant moisture to tired hands,  especially at the end of a long flight?

3.     Moisturiser


Hand cream and moisturiser are a necessity on flights, especially medium to long haul. Cabin air is especially drying to your skin and as such I like to stay feeling moisturised throughout the flight. I currently love to use Garnier Moisture+ Nourish Moisturiser. It softens & comforts dry skin while providing protection against the harmful effects of the environment that can cause dryness and it also comes in a handy 50ml size and packs a moisture punch to any dry areas including your face, and body.

4.    Lip Balm

I love to use Nivea’s Soothe & Protect Lip Balm as not only does it help to prevent dryness and chapped lips with a combination of ingredients of panthenol, bisabolol, and vitamin E, but it also contains SPF 15 so that I can use this handy little balm on the flight to keep my lips hydrated, but also on the beach, by the pool and in the evening; and the balm is only 4.8g so well within flight regulations.

I hope that these four products help you enjoy your flight and look refreshed at the end.

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“Don’t forget to play with your makeup as one product can sometimes have many applications!” – Claire Murray

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5 Must Have Products for your Wedding Day Makeup Kit

You’re all set to for your wedding day and you are ready to walk down the aisle – only later on you find that you want to top up your make up and you don’t have anything to do it with.

A good tip is to have a mini emergency kit on the day that you can give to your mum or bridesmaid to have in a bag for you so you don’t have to worry about it. Having make up professionally applied will make it last all day but if you touch your face a lot and with all the tears, kisses and drinking on the day of the wedding, it might affect the longevity of the make-up.

If you’ve booked me as your make-up artist why not ask me about the ‘Bridal Top Up Kit’ which can be custom made to meet your requirements.

A bridal top up kit is just the right size if you’re heading off to the church as it will fit nicely inside a friends bag. If you’re having a ceremony and reception in the same venue then you can leave it in your room so you can freshen up later in the day!

Emergency Kit Suggestions

nyx lip pencil

Lip Pencil – Use the pencil to neaten the edges of the lipstick and stop colours bleeding. I like the NYX Lip Pencil in Nude Beige however these lip pencils come in a variety of shades – from auburn to orange and traffic-stopping red.  They have a buttery feel however they are long-wearing, goes on easily and resists bleeding. Perfect for topping up on your wedding day.

Lip colour or Lip Gloss – Lipstick and/or lip gloss wears off during the day with drinking and eating. Top up your lip colour regularly so you’re always ready for the candid shots too.

lovely red woman lips isolated on white

For lips, I particularly love to use Bobbi Brown’s lipstick products as they are long lasting and feel great on your lips too, however if you love the one used by your Makeup Artist, ask if they can get one for you in the same shade.

Pressed Matte Powder – If you’re prone to oily shine on the t-zone a light dusting of powder over this area will rectify this. I love to use Jane Iredale’s Purematte Finish Powder  as it absorbs oil and eliminates shine and doesn’t look chalky on the skin.

Blotting Papers – Pressing these onto the shiny parts of the face will absorb the oil.

Small Mirror – great for just checking over the make up for the close-up shots.

Tissues – For blotting tears, lip colour if you apply too much and making lip gloss less sticky.

Hydrating Setting Spray – If you’re getting married on a hot day or abroad in a humid climate. A light spritz of hydrating spray over make-up will refresh your make up, cool your skin and help your makeup stay in place. I always use MAC’s Prep n Prime Fix + Spray. Its infused with green tea, chamomile and cucumber to gently soothe and refresh the skin whilst refreshing and finishing makeup.

You could add many more items to your bridal makeup bag however as it’s your big day you don’t want to spend too long touching up your makeup when you should be celebrating; the above items are my suggestions but feel free to pack as small or large makeup bag as you want and remember to have fun.

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