9 Makeup Artist Tips and Tricks to Steal

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As a makeup artist, I am constantly helping clients to look their best and make the most of the products they own. The more you know how to utilize your beauty tools, the more fun you can have (not to mention, the more money you’ll save). Here are some of my favourite simple tips and tricks that anyone can do, that’ll make you feel and look like a pro Makeup Artist.

  1. Make it Matte:You can turn any lipstick matte by adding a small amount of powder Matte Lipsblush or eyeshadow on top. Apply lipstick, blot with a tissue, and pat the powder on top with your finger until it’s fully matte. This is a perfect way to test matte texture to see if you like it while utilizing products you already have. Also lovely for nights out and holidays by adding a touch of gold eyeshadow to the center of your lips for that metallic glow.
  2. Dilute your Foundation: Does your favorite foundation provide too much coverage, yet your tinted moisturizer doesn’t offer enough? Try adding a bit of facial moisturizer, drop by drop, to your foundation. I do this on a palette but the back of your hand is just as good. By diluting the mixture, you can custom create the perfect amount of coverage for your preference (with the added bonus of hydration). Lighter for daytime and holidays and heavier for evenings.
  3. Double Duty Mascara:Did you know mascara can double as an eyeliner? Pick up some of your mascara onto your eyeliner brush and apply to the lash line as normal. Finish with a couple of coats of the same mascara on the lashes. This is a great tip for traveling and to save you having to carry many products around with you.
  4. Instant Brow Lift:Highlight brows with concealer and blend with a foundation brush. By placing concealer around the brows and blending, you add shape and lift. Also highlight under your arch with a soft cream coloured eyeshadow and apply the same colour to the inner corners of your eyes to look wide awake.
  5. Cheeky Fix:Lipstick can double as a cream blush when you’re in a fix. Used soft peach or pink lipsticks blended on the cheek with your fingers instead of blusher and voila: instant cream blush!razor
  6. Shave your Face: So you want a perfect base as seen on models and actresses? Apart from expensive facial treatments, do you know what else creates the perfect surface for product application? Smooth, hairless skin. That’s right. shaving your facecould make that slight difference you’ve been looking for. If your makeup cakes in certain areas of your face give it a go. Makeup Artists and Dermatologists call it “dermaplaning” and it can be done at home every so often (for special events and big nights out) to really offer that flawless finish to your foundation. I like to useG2PLUS Eyebrow Razor Shaper which can be purchased at Amazon.
  7. Say ‘No’ to HD: Never use HD powders or products containing a lot of silica to finish or set your foundations. These products were created specifically for film. The ingredients in these products can reflect light (specifically a bright flash in a dark room or at night) and create the illusion of thick white powder on your skin. It’s the “amateur” move that even a lot of professionals have mistakenly made. Instead why not try a mineral finishing powder such as Jane Iredale’s Amazing Matte Loose Finish Powder.
  8. Spritz Away: If you’ve finished your face and you find yourself looking a bit too made up (or cakey), try spraying a finishing spray like MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ lightly over your face. The spray penetrates the foundation and helps to create a skin mimicking look. Basically, your skin will look more like skin and less like makeup plus, your face may stay in place a bit longer, as an added bonus.
  9. Stack your lashes: If you love a big, voluminous, Bardot-esque lash look, you might Eye Envy 303 Lashesbe tempted to look for a full, thick false lash – don’t. Ariana Grande’s makeup artist Daniel Chinchilla says you’re much better off stacking two light, thin false lashes on top of each other. Just make sure their bands are thin or invisible to keep things looking natural. At the moment I’m loving EyeEnvy 303 False Eyelashes.

    I hope this encourages you to look at using your products differently and hopefully getting more uses out of one product.

If you have any other useful tips that I can add to this post, please comment below or comment on this post on my Facebook page. All additions will be credited.

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