Self Tanning Tips for a Natural Bronze Glow

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The one thing I’m always diligent about is using an SPF all year around. I’m very lucky as not only am I MAC Pro but I’m also a Jane Iredale Makeup Artist and their products have natural SPF. I swear by Jane Iredale’s Pure Pressed Foundation (SPF 20) or Dream Tint (SPF 15).

Being diligent about SPF may be a challenge, but we know that our health depends on staying protected from harmful rays. The easiest way to make a change is to use an SPF sun cream instead of a moisturiser under your makeup in the morning (remember your neck and any areas that are on show to the sunlight, including your ears!).

Protecting yourself from the harmful rays doesn’t mean that you have to give up your gorgeous summer glow. Here are a few self-tanning tips for summer and all year round!

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As a Fake Bake Tanning Technician I only use their products to achieve a great looking sunless tan. I always do my fake tan 2-3 days before I need it to let the colour and my skin settle down to a natural looking colour. I use Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Self Tanning Lotion. This easy glide formula “shows where it goes” so you can apply it yourself with ease and confidence. If you desire a darker tan, you can re-apply over consecutive days however, one application is usually enough for me and I will only apply it once per week.

Before you Begin – Exfoliating and Moisturising your Skin

Moisturisers that contain oil can prevent the tanning agents from developing properly but sometimes we need a little help with very dry areas like hands, feet, elbows and knees and face. That’s where Fake Bake’s Oil Free Moisturiser comes in! It’s the only moisturiser that I recommend to use before and during a self-tan that won’t interfere with the tan developing properly although other brands do have their own moisturisers which are suitable for using with fake tans.

I don’t suggest that you apply the moisturiser all over your skin, just rub it into clean, lightly exfoliated skin in any areas which you find dry.

Applying your Self Tan

I apply my Self-Tanning Lotion in the evening after I’ve had a nice warm shower and lightly exfoliated by skin with a body puff. After applying my moisturiser I wait for 5 minutes to allow it to sink into my skin before beginning to apply the fake tan lotion with a tanning mitt. I begin with my legs and work up and inwards including my tummy, arms, legs and neck. I then get my husband to help me reach my back and ‘colour me in’!

There are extendable tanning arms which you can use for applying fake tan to your back. I tried the one from Boots however I found it to be quite awkward to use as the pad on the end is quite small.

Finally I mix a small amount of moisturiser into my the remaining product on my tanning mitt and apply to my face and neck.  I add the moisturiser to the mitt to thin out the solution so it applies easier but also to ensure that the colour isn’t quite as dark as my body.

The Fake tan dries very quickly and I can go to bed after approx. 30 mins. I personally like to have another shower in the morning to wash off the guide colour which can oxidise and turn a dark brown, then I have a lovely tan for the next few days.

Remember your neck!

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever seen someone make with self-tanning lotion is applying it to their face and not their neck! It needs to match! Remember if you only want to tan the areas which are going to be on show like your face, arms and legs, remember to think about what you will be wearing and if you have a v neck top for example, remember to apply the lotion down over your chest or you will have a sun kissed face and white neck and décolleté! It doesn’t matter who you are…..that’s not a good look on anyone!!!

Keep Moisturising

To help lock in your new sun kissed glow, apply a moisturiser to your skin after you have bathed or showered. Whilst Fake Bake’s self-tanning lotions are moisturising in themselves, having moist, hydrated skin will prolong your tan. Lots of moisturisers or after sun lotions now have a tan prolonger in them and these are great to use to keep your glow on for an extra couple of days.

Fake Bake Products

fake-bake-logoMy Favorite Fake Bake Products –

Beyond Bronze Self Tanning Lotion (148ml) – £18.50

This easy glide formula “shows where it goes” so you can apply your self tan with ease and confidence. If you desire a darker tan, you can re-apply over consecutive days however, one application is usually enough.

The Cult Hero Tan of the Decade! Original Self Tanning Lotion (170ml) – £26.95

Fake Bake Original Self-Tan Lotion’s easy glide formula and ‘show where it goes’ cosmetic colour guide enables you to apply your self-tan with ease and confidence.

Self Tanning Mousse (118ml) – £22.50

Mousse Self Tan contains a transfer resistant colour guide so it can be applied to give you an instant tan that won’t wear off on your clothes whist the three tanning agents work to develop a long, lasting, perfectly natural sunless tan. Ideal for topping up your sunless tan, great for arms and legs and those days when you want to tan and get out the door.

Last but not least……..Self – Tanning Body Butter (113ml) – £18.00

A rich, moisturising self tanning body butter for dry skin.

Self Tanning Body Butter has a sheer and light texture and contains naturally derived anti-oxidants to aid in fighting free radicals that age the skin. Fake Bake Tanning Body Butter contains a ‘shows where it goes’ cosmetic guide colour for a confident application and comes in a portable, non-spill tub which is ideal for travel.

Combat dry skin AND have a beautiful, flawless tan. Your search is over……

As a Fake Bake at Home Tanning Technician I am available to supply you with any of their products during your tanning appointment.

Happy self-tanning, and make sure to use your SPF suncream when you are in the sun to protect your gorgeous skin!

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