Holiday Travel Beauty Tips – How to Look Gorgeous On the Go (2016)

Do you ever find yourself heading to the airport in an absolute hurry, realising your nails are chipped and your hair has gone from frizzy? Whether you’re off to on holiday or a quick city break, it’s important to look and feel your best. As an Ex-Cabin Crew member, I know the importance of looking after your skin and hair whilst flying and so here are a few tips on how to look after yourself whilst you’re in the air, just in time for the Summer holidays.

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1: If you didn’t have time for a manicure or to get your nails done, quickly file your nails and paint two coats of clear polish. This only takes a few minutes, and the hint of shine on freshly filed nails will give the illusion of a clean manicure. Try a fast drying top coat instead of a clean nail polish.

2: If your nail polish is chipped or smudged, don’t try to fix it in a rush or you’ll likely make it worse. Instead, remove it completely. Throw a pack of Cutex Essential Care One Step Nail Polish Remover Pads in your carry-on bag and use them once you get through security.

3: If you have thin, straight hair, do a basic sleek, smooth blow-dry or use hair straighteners before you head to the airport. If you do a bouncy blow-dry or add curls to your hair and then sit on a plane for five hours, your hair will fall flat. Once you’re on the plane, make sure to leave your hair down to avoid hair bobbles creasing your hair.

4: When it comes to styling your hair pre-flight, don’t go against nature, you won’t win. If your hair is wavy, work mousse through damp strands, scrunch it, let it air dry. Once you’re on the flight, wrap your hair into a loose high top knot and secure with an elastic band that won’t crease your strands. Let your hair down when you arrive.

5: If you don’t have time to prep your hair the day y2016 08 12 Kendal Jenner Top Bunou’re traveling, go for a chic, high

ponytail or top bun as seen worn by Kendal Jenner opposite. It’s classic, pulls the hair off the face, and is simple to do in a minute. (Original Photo can be found at Pinterest )

6: To give your hair some oomph after a long flight, spray roots with a dry shampoo. It’ll also get rid of that awful airplane smell.

7: If you’re taking a flight that’s longer than two hours, prep your skin as if you’re going to bed. Pack sample sizes of cleanser (Micellar Water), serum/oil, night cream, and eye cream. I like to apply all of these after boarding as it gives me something to do on the flight however if you prefer to sleep on the flight, head to the bathroom before boarding or carry out your skin routine in the lounge. This will give your skin the hydration and care it needs.

8: Though it’s best to head to the airport without makeup for a long flight, if you need to wear a little something, go for finished brows, waterproof mascara and pink/nude lips. This will help you look pulled-together while keeping your skin clean.

9: Water is an in-flight essential. If you want your skin to look great when you arrive, drink water. The small cups they bring around during the food service are not enough. Plane air is very dry; at such high altitudes it has very little moisture, making the cabin air dry. That is what makes your skin feel dehydrated. I buy the largest water I can at the airport and sip it all through the flight. If you can’t afford to buy water at the airport (the prices are ridiculous) take your own empty water bottle to the airport and either fill it in the lounge or most airports have water fountains.

2016 08 12 D2O cropped10: I’m a big fan of face misting during a flight, especially on long international trips. I don’t mean makeup setting sprays but actual hydrating sprays. I like Evian water spray, Jane Iredale D2O or Rose Water. I always decant the D20 or rose water into a smaller spray bottle so that I can take them on board with me but the Evian sprays are just the right size anyway. Spritzing your face with water is another way to keep skin hydrated in the dry cabin environment.

11: While flying at high altitudes, you are closer to the sun’s harmful rays especially if you’re in the window seat. In summer I always use an SPF as a body and face moisturiser and it’s a great idea to take a small amount with you decanted into a pump bottle for use on the plane. I like Muji’s travel bottles for my carry on beauty essentials. If you don’t want to apply the during the flight, at least consider applying it before you leave the plane. Remember to apply SPF 30+ to your face and anywhere else which will be out in the sun whilst you are waiting for your coach etc. You don’t want to burn on the first day of your holiday!

I hope this encourages you to look after your skin both whilst you are away but especially on those long flights.  If you have any other useful tips that I can add to this post, please comment below or comment on this post on my Facebook page. All additions will be credited.

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