Anyone Can Wear Bright Eye Makeup! Here’s How….

Have you ever looked at bright and beautiful eye shadow colors and thought “I could never wear that?” Well you can! Your age and skin tone don’t matter at all. It only matters how you apply it.

There are many levels of bright eye makeup, from subtle to intense. The first trick is to experiment to find out what suits you. I’d love to hear about it, so please comment below or upload pictures to my Facebook page.

Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration:

  1. Bright Eyeliner: As a Makeup Artist I love to use eye shadow as eyeliner. Not only does it mean that you are getting double uses out of your summer bright eye shadows but it is also a way to use that bright shade in the eye shadow triple you may have been avoiding.

Wet your eyeliner brush with MAC Fix + or water and dip it into a bright shade of eyeshadow such as Parfait Armour (a bright purple shade) or you could try a nice bright shade of pigment like ELF Studio in Passionate Purple. Line the lower and upper lash line from inner to outer corner. I like to see it really smudged out, surrounding the entire area in a soft haze of purple. I still used black eyeliner in the waterline to keep the look dramatic and avoid bringing out any redness in the area. This really allows the one swipe of color to pop. The below photo can be found on Pinterest.

2016 08 03 - Purple Eyeliner

  1. Winged Eyeliner: You’ve now mastered winged eyeliner so it’s time to brighten your eyes in a whole new way by thinking of colorful winged eyeliner. This look is not only ultra-modern and inspired by 2016 catwalk shows but is a great way to

Begin by using an angled brush to apply Mac’s Chromaline in Marine Blue across the top of your upper lash line. Begin to wing out the liner from the corner of the eye. Connect the end of the line to your original line, joining them at about 2/3 of the way into the corner of your eye. Fill in the gap and smooth out the line.

For a fuller wing, exaggerate the line for even more effect. Starting at the inner eye add more liner to make it thicker on top. Once you get to the outer corner follow the shape of the wing and extend it slightly. Bring the point back down to meet the classic wing and fill in any gaps. The below photo can be found on Pinterest.

2016 08 03 - top lid Eyeliner

  1. Colored Mascara: Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting the ‘Pat Butcher’ electric blue mascara from the eighties (unless you want it to)! Try a flick of Jane Iredale’s Ripe Plum Longest Lash to add a hint of color when your lashes catch the light. You can apply from root to tip, or apply your usual black or brown first and then just paint the ends with the colored mascara. Feeling flashy? Try painting the tips of your lashes with Gold or Silver Liquid Eyeliner.

2016 08 03 - coloured eyelashes

  1. Smoky Eyes: So you’re ready to take the pure-drama plunge with a bright smoky eye? You can use any colour you love however if you’re a bit unsure, I’d advise starting with a royal blue or deep plum smoky eye as they suit most people and aren’t too bright.

There’s nothing’s worse than a smoky eye that smears three hours into the night. Stop the smearing before it starts with a primer – blend it over your eyelids and under eyes to ensure that your makeup stays put past last call!

Blend a dark blue shade from your lashes to crease, and then, use a small, angled brush to drag the shadow along your lower lash lines. A smoky eye shouldn’t have any harsh lines; it should be softly blended at the edges. Using a blending or smudge brush, lightly smudge the shadow at the crease and along bottom lashes.

Now that your color is in place, define your eye with a creamy black eye pencil. Drag it along top and bottom lash lines, making sure there’s no skin showing between lashes and the line. For an extra-sultry effect, line your inner bottom lash line too. No smoky eye is complete without gorgeous thick black lashes.

2016 08 03 - smokey eye

I hope this encourages you to experiment with color over the summer, so please comment and share what you’ve tried by uploading your pictures to my Facebook page.

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