Signature Style – Choosing my Photos

The process for creating my Mondrian style makeup started with a beautiful canvas and natural makeup. I then mapped out the design on Maddies face with gridding tape. Next I colored in the appropriate squares with colors, removed the tape and drew in the lines with a black face paint. The process can be seen below.

After my final assessed shoot I had many great photos of my model Maddison to choose from. As I can only choose 2 to be submitted in my portfolio I had a difficult job ahead of me.  My contact sheet can be seen below which shows the number of great photos which I had to choose from.

maddison contact sheet

I chose 06-04-64 and 06-04-91.  I didn’t have to do much editing to these photos and I love the way that both photos show the contrast of the more natural side and the avant garde side of the face.

My final image can be seen below.

CLAIRE_M_06_0464 - Final Image

I hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about my university assessed shoots, photo shoots and general makeup tips and tricks. I will continue to give advice and information over the summer and updates on my photographic makeup work and resume in September with my final year of University blog posts.

See you all soon

Claire xx