Evaluation – Signature Style/Showstopper Shoot

This shoot was confusing at first as I believed that we had to create a photograph depicting our own signature style of hair and makeup. I firstly planned to create another modern smoky look which is my signature style however when I spoke with Victoria about the shoot she explained that the shoot is intended to me more of a showstopper style and should be the first images in my portfolio. They should make the person looking at my portfolio want to look further to see more of my work.  With this in mind, I decided that I would look at different classic inspiration. I found an YSL Mondrian style dress on the internet and wanted to know more about it. Upon completing my research I discovered that it was styled on the work of an artist called Piet Mondrian. I knew his work but didn’t know the artist and so I set up a Pinterest board to research more of his paintings. I showed my ideas to Carl who inspired me to look at other artists such as Lerdinand Leger and Bridget Riley. I absolutely loved their work however for my assessed shoot I decided to stay with my original inspiration of Piet Mondrian. I have decided that I want to create a series of artist inspired makeup styles for my portfolio using inspiration from the artists above and also Pablo Picasso.

I wanted to keep the hair off my models face however I wanted it to be quirky to match the artist’s style. My final image for this shoot can be seen below.

CLAIRE_M_06_0464 - Final Image

In conclusion, I can confirm that I have embraced this module with enthusiasm. I have really appreciated the experimentation sessions which have led me to use new products and ideas and have used these sessions efficiently to discover my own style.

I am extremely proud of my current portfolio and all final images can be seen at www.makeup-byclaire.co.uk.