Evaluation – Recreate Shoot

When we were given the brief for our Portfolio Development Module I was enthusiastic at the prospect of adding more photos to my portfolio which would enable me to improve my collection by adding missing genres. We were given 3 themes: Recreate an Image, Metallic or Texture and Signature Style (Showcase) with the aim of adding variety and diversity to our portfolio.

I knew instantly which theme I wanted to recreate from my first year; Evening Makeup. I didn’t like the first draft of the shoot at all. Not only had I had a problem with my model, firstly with her age and misleading description on her Purple Port profile page but when she arrived, she didn’t want to wear heavy makeup and resisted me carrying out a full evening look on her.  Due to this reason I decided that the opportunity to recreate the evening look would be perfect.

When speaking to Victoria (my tutor) she suggested that I take this occasion to make the shoot ‘bigger and better’ than the first attempt. With this in mind I did a lot of research for my 1st Shoot and wanted to create a modern evening look and take it one step further by using both a man and woman. One of the makeup artists who inspire me at the moment is Charlotte Tilbury and in researching her work, I discovered that she created the makeup looks for the Tom Ford Beauty Campaigns. The photos for these campaigns really inspired me to create a modern smoky look along with a contemporary hairstyle and clothing.

I wanted to create a more mature look than my previous endeavour with a slightly sexier feel to the shoot and decided to create this through the clothing and lighting along with the hair and makeup. My inspirational images for the shoot can be found in my Pinterest board: Inspiration – Couples Shoot and below.


On the day of the shoot the whole process of the hair, makeup, styling of the models and the lighting went exactly to plan.  I described the look and feel of the shoot to Carl, my photography tutor, and we set the lighting up with a tabaco colored background.

The final images, as can be seen below are perfect and completely represent the idea which I was aiming for with the shoot.

Keep reading my blog posts for more information on how we bring together a photo shoot and create the amazing hair and makeup looks to bring the shoots alive.

Claire xx