Evaluation – Metallic Shoot

For this shoot we were given the brief of metallic or texture. I loved the idea of this theme however I had too many ideas which I wanted to create. As we were given experimental sessions I decided to use this time to create some of my other ideas and shoot them in the studio. I wanted to create 4 different looks to experiment with; metallic, glitter, gloss and wet look.  I chose metallic for my actual assessment as I love the autumn/winter trends of metallics. As I had previously used metallic for 2 avant garde shoots, using gold leaf and also airbrush silver foundation, I decided to create a more contemporary look with the metallics. My Pinterest Mood board for this shoot can be found at: Makeup – Metallic.

I matched the modern metallic smoky eye with fashionable tousled hair and a metallic denim jacket. I wanted to keep the shoot up-to-date and so I didn’t want to add any props or backgrounds which could date the style of the shoot. The final images can be seen below.

My next shoot in the series of metallic / texture was a glossy eye look. I looked into a few different ways to create this look and ended up using a cream taupe eyeshadow with a gloss over the top.  I wanted to create a natural, nude toned theme and so I kept the remainder of the makeup neutral and simple as the majority of the images which I had seen using this glossy eye look had bright eyes and matching bright gloss lips. My research mood board for this shoot can be found at: Makeup – Glossy Eyes and my final image can be seen below.

Gloss Eyes

My next experimentation with this theme was a wet look. My inspiration for this shoot can be found at: Makeup & Hair – Wet Look. Again there are many ways to create a wet look on models and so I chose to use a baby oil gel on the skin and water with argan oil on Talia’s hair. It gave an amazing look to the final images as her hair took on its natural curly state when wet and looked amazing with the shine on her skin.  The final images can be seen below.

My last experimentation shoot for this theme was glitter. I had many ideas of using glitter including on eyes, lips, as a highlighter, to make glitter tattoos or all over the face. I made an inspiration board on Pinterest: Makeup – Glitter. I decided that I didn’t want to create an avant garde look with the use of glitter as that is what would be expected. I produced a classic makeup for this look then sprayed Chlo all over with glitter.  I asked Carl is we could make the lighting darker on one side and have a more moody feel to the shoot and the images came out just as I wanted, as can be seen below.

Overall, I absolutely loved this theme of metallic or texture as it has given me lots of opportunities to use products in ways which I haven’t used them before and also try new products.  It has also encouraged me to research how to create different textures with the use of makeup and how to use them in a way which is appropriate to my own style.

Claire xx