7 Ways to Revamp Your Feline Flick for the Summer

Hair & Makeup, Photography, Words and Styling: Claire Murray

Whether it’s for brightening your makeup, elongating your eyes or just trying new ways to restyle your eyeliner.

The Classic WingEyeliner Wing

  1. Begin by drawing a line along the natural shape of your upper eyelid. I used MAC Gel Fluid Liner in Blacktrack and 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush.
  2. Begin to wing out the liner from the corner of the eye.
  3. Connect the end of the line to your original line, joining them at about 2/3 of the way into the corner of your eye.
  4. Fill in the gap and smooth out the line.
  5. For a fuller wing, repeat steps 2 – 5 and exaggerate the line for even more effect.


The Double WingDouble

  1. Create the classic wing using a gel eyeliner.
  2. With a pencil, on the lower lash line, start at the end of the wing on the upper lid but leave a gap between the lines. Draw a lower wing dragging it half way along your lower lash line. I used MAC Eye Kohl in Smoulder.
  3. With a small brush, smudge the liner a bit on the lower lash line below the lashes (not the wing).


The Bold WingEyeliner Bold

  1. Create the classic wing using a gel eye liner and MAC 210 brush. I used MAC Fluid Line in Blitz ‘n’ Glitz.
  2. Starting at the inner eye add more liner to make it thicker on top.
  3. Once you get to the outer corner follow the shape of the wing and extend it slightly.
  4. Bring the point back down to meet the classic wing and fill in any gaps.


The Graphic WingEyeliner Graphic

  1. Begin by drawing a straight wing from the outer corner of the eye. I used MAC Penultimate Eyeliner.
  2. Connect the end of your wing to the inner corner of your eye using a straight line.
  3. Fill in any gaps.
  4. Draw a straight line from the end of the wing to the outer corner of the eye at a 45o
  5. Draw a vertical line down to create a triangle shape.


The Soft Sexy SquareEyeliner Square

  1. Use a pencil to line the top of your upper lash line as tightly as possible. I used MAC’s Kohl Powder Eye Pencil in Feline.
  2. Follow the line out to create the bottom of the square.
  3. Complete the square shape and fill it in bringing the kohl over half of the lid.
  4. Use your finger or a brush to smudge the kohl across the eyelid towards the inner eye to create a soft faded look.
  5. If you want more definition, draw the edge of the square with a liquid liner.


The Coloured WingEyeliner Coloured

  1. Create a classic wing using a brighter coloured gel such as gold, silver or turquoise. I used Smashbox’s Jet Set Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in Turquoise.
  2. For a more dramatic look, bring the colour down under your bottom lash line.


Eyeliner Two Coloured

The Two Coloured Wing

  1. Create a slightly elongated classic wing using a black liquid liner.
  2. Let it set for a minute then ontop of the black line, draw a coloured line following the shape of the wing.

Easy but Dramatic!



  1. Gel Eyeliner – Apply with an eye liner brush. Intense Colour. Up to 24-hour wear. Doesn’t flake, smudge, smear or run.
  2. Pencil Liner – Softly glides over the eyelid for a long-lasting and intense result, which can be blended.
  3. Liquid Liner – Water-resistant, quick and precise to apply. Won’t smudge or run, and stays in place until you say when.
  4. Cake Liner – Apply with an eye liner brush to create bold, dark, dramatic eyes. Colour-intense, quick-drying and doesn’t smudge. Can be used wet or dry.
  5. Kohl Liner – Very soft, smooth & creamy formula that glides on easily. Waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof and heat-proof.


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