My Style Shoot – 3

It’s the day before my final assessed photo shoot at University and I am just about to pack my kit, (hair and makeup), clothes, face charts etc.

As the makeup is in the style of a famous artist, Piet Mondrian, I have decided to keep the clothing simple; a black body con dress, as this wont detract from the brightly coloured abstract makeup.


The hair on the other hand I want to be back off the face but I want something a little bit more adventurous than a simple pony tail.  I am thinking of possibly taking inspiration from one of the photos below.  All of the photos can be found on my Pinterest Board for this shoot.

There will be no props or accessories used as I want the shoot to be very simple and stylish. The main focus is the hair and the makeup.   With a sleek, off the face style like one of those above, coupled with the bright abstract colours of the makeup (Piet Mondrian work can be seen below), I believe that the shoot will be very stylish and effective.



I want the lighting to be bright and airy. I don’t want moody shadows. An idea can be seen below and on my Pinterest Board.


My call sheet for this shoot can be found here:  Call Sheet for 05 05 16 Maddie.

I have a model release form which I will ask Maddison to complete tomorrow. I obviously wont be putting a copy of that onto this post as it has her personal details on it, but a blank copy can be found here: Model Release 2016

Once I have completed the shoot I will post some of the sneak preview images before I start my editing.

Keep reading for more info on how we pull shoots together, behind the scenes photos and post production information. If you have any ideas on what you want me to write about or give step by step tutorials on, please email me at and sign up to my Newsletter at my website –

Claire xx