My Style Shoot – 2

Having had a discussion with my two Tutors for this subject, Vicky and Carl, I have come to the conclusion hat this piece needs to be more of a ‘showstopper’ than a general ‘my style’ picture.

With this in mind, I have looked at all of the subjects which interest me and also what I take inspiration from to create a new makeup design for this last Photo Shoot.

I researched flowers, historical eras, catwalk trends, and art and fashion. The subject which really stood out to me was fashion and as such I began to look at different designers iconic clothes and their styles.  The 3 books which O looked at first are:

Whilst I found the books fascinating, they were directed at the photography side of the project rather than providing me with fashion images.

I turned to the internet next and researched iconic fashion from different designers such as Dior, Chanel and YSL.

YSL grabbed my interest straight away as I love their colour block dresses from 1960’s. I have attached a copy of my screen shot below for your information on the images which inspired me.

Iconic Fashion

After conducting even more research I discovered that the dress was inspired by an artist called Piet Mondrian.  As I began to explore more of his work I made a Pinterest board dedicated to Piet Mondrian.

One of the things which captures my imagination with Piet Mondrian is the simplicity of the lines and the blocks of colours. He was obviously influential enough to inspire YSL with the above iconic dress in the 1960’s.  Examples of his work can be seen below.

This is a concept which I am going to explore further over the next couple of weeks as I have also discovered another 3 amazing artists, Pablo Picasso, Bridget Riley and Lerdinand Ledger who all inspire me. I would love to create 4 different prices of work, each one inspired by one of the above artists.

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Claire xx