Banish Those Dark Circles

YSL Touche eclat

Tips to Conceal Under-Eye Circles and Brighten Your Look

About this time of year, many of us begin to feel that we look dull. Brightening up the area around the eyes is the best way to look refreshed and vibrant in just a minute.

The magic product which I turn to for my and my clients’ dark circles is YSL’s Touché Éclat concealer and highlighter; this product is great for banishing dark under-eye circles and bringing light to the face. It has a light formula that feels fresh on the skin, and the built-in applicator makes it easy to use. The formula refracts light to create a soft focus effect. It provides sheer to medium coverage, however if you need something super-emollient or for heavy-duty coverage Benefit’s Boiing concealer is a better choice.

The basics of applying concealer to hide under-eye circles.

The skin isn’t smooth like a piece of plastic, so to get full coverage apply your concealer with a concealer brush using criss-cross motions. This gets the concealer into the fine lines on the skin that aren’t normally visible.

Then, to make your concealer completely disappear, feather the edges with your ring finger. The warmth from your finger will melt the concealer into your skin.

A little goes a very long way. I am amazed at how little I have to use! If it is creasing, it was too much. Just pat at the concealer with your ring finger to smooth it out and use a little less next time. Experiment (it’s only makeup!) till you find the right amount for you.

If you have a few extra fine lines around the eyes, (happy lines) start applying just a little bit down/away from your tear duct working outwards. Somehow those pesky little wrinkles are worse right under your eye. With the remainder of your product on the brush lightly sweep over the area with the lines and pat gently with your ring finger to blend.

The inner corner of the eye, on the side of the bridge of the nose is a GREAT place to add light. It wakes up your eyes and brightens your whole face.

Remember the corners of the nose around the nostrils and around your mouth. If you have any redness/darkness there, this is the No1 trick for creating a flawless-looking complexion.

Touché Éclat is a great highlighter for the tops of cheekbones, down the center of the nose, top of the cupid’s bow of the lips (gorgeous!). All in all I would say that this is my most used product in my Makeup Kit for clients and in my own makeup bag.

Of course there are other options out there which vary in price and quality but Touché Éclat is my personal favourite.

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