Gloss & Wet Look Shoot 4 – Final Images

After booking my model – Talia from J’adore Models  for a full day, I decided that I wanted Talia Beforeto not only use her for my Showcase work but also to have more of an experiment with texture.   Our 2nd Assessment of the Semester for Portfolio Development was Metallic or Texture and as you will know from reading my previous posts, I chose Metallic.

Those of you who know me will know that I wouldn’t just do one option when there were others to choose from and so I also decided to play with texture and create this summer’s ultimate catwalk look of a Glossy Eye and finally a personal favourite look which I have been wanting to try for ages – The Wet Look.

Wet Look Inspiration – Pinterest Board – Here

Glossy Eye Inspiration – Pinterest Board – Here

Glossy Eye

With regards to the actual shoot itself I had quite a few ideas as I have previously spoken about. Some of the ideas for this shoot can be seen above in my 2 Pinterest Boards however I wanted to keep the Glossy Eye shoot cropped tightly and so the hair was tied back Talia was in a nude dress as I wanted the photo to consist of neutral colours and tones if any clothing was seen.

 Gloss Eyes

Wet Look

For the Wet Look shoot I wanted head and shoulders style shots as I also want the wet look on the models skin on her upper body.  She was in a bright coloured, strapless swimming costume from ASOS so that she was partly covered up with her neck and shoulders bare.

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