Bronzer Blunders

Bronzer Blunders: Tips to get your ‘Bronzed Goddess’ look this summerTanned 2

Whether you have a pale complexion like me, or were blessed with natural golden brown skin, there is a Bronzed Goddess in all of us. The classic makeup trend will forever be in style, and it’s one that every lady should learn to DIY.

If ever there was a dividing line between girls-in-the-know and girls-in-the-no-no, it would be drawn with bronzer. When it’s used correctly, bronzer gives us ladies an immediate allure of sun-kissed sensuality. When it’s used incorrectly, well…the word oompa-loompa comes to mind!

Here’s how to turn bronzer blunders into bronzer wonders in no time flat.

Follow the sun: Make sure to apply sun-kissed color where the sun would kiss you. Stick to the cheeks and the bridge of the nose, and avoid the jawline. Better still, follow the sun outside and bring a mirror with you. If you look “dirty” or “orange”, go back inside and tone things down.

Remember you have a neck: Your face should never be a different color than the rest of you. Don’t trust a compact mirror to tell you whether or not you’re ready to step out into the wide, wide world. Trust a full size mirror, or an honest friend.

Know when to shine: I love using shimmer. Who doesn’t? Remember you don’t want to shine during the daytime as this can look greasy instead!  So unless you’re so fabulous you spend your days flitting from one red carpet to the next, stick to a matte/dewy look for the daytime, and shimmer for nighttime.

My tips:

  • Pressed powders are ideal for a matte, daytime-appropriate look. (Try Bobbi Brown’s Bronzing Powder in Golden Light for a classic daytime bronzed glow).
  • When the magic hour hits, reach for Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow (Pictured below) to give a delicately gilded look to cheeks, eyes and lips. But don’t stop there – mix it with a moisturizer for the décolleté.


Do the Duo: A bronzer and blush combo is the easiest way to get a natural looking flush with just the right amount of shimmer. I like to use a mix of MAC’s Harmony and Peachy Keen Blushers with a large powder brush for the perfect dose of color to give your face a warm, multidimensional look.

Have fun in the sun and remember to wear sunblock in summer instead of moisturiser under your makeup.

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