Metallic Shoot 3

My Metallic Shoot on 24th March went really well. Holly was an amazing model who knew how to pose to get the kinds of images which I wanted and she had an amazing look, as can be seen below.

Metallic Before

In the end I decided to keep the makeup beautiful and add metallic smokey eyes as I don’t want my portfolio to be just avant garde images. I kept the makeup soft and light and added beautiful shimmer to the eyes with a contrast of 3 metallic colours; silver, rose gold and gun metal. I had many options with regards to products but I have used them all in other shoots and so I decided to use something which I haven’t used before in this type of setting: metallic pigments.

With regards to the hair and costume, I wasn’t going to have them seen on the photo however the more I thought about it, the more that I wanted a head and shoulders shot of Holly and so I purchased a simple black body con dress and a metallic gold cropped denim jacket from Topshop for her to wear.  As the look is going to be more of an evening look I decided to give Holly big waves for her hair style as it is very popular at the moment.

After taking the photos with Carl, I took his advice and decided not to choose my final images straight away. He suggested that it is better to leave it for a few days after a shoot to let the shoot digest then go back to the images and make my original choice.  I did this and still had too many photos which I loved of Holly and so I had to edit my choices again. This time I looked at not just the overall photo but also the makeup, hair and finally Holly’s overall look.  When I had this down to 8 photos, Contact sheet below, I again left it for 24 hours and went back to my choices with fresh eyes.  For this edit I chose the 2 photos which really stood out to me personally and also a close up of the eye makeup.  My 2 final images chosen for editing are below.

Contrary to a previous blog post on Editing, I have decided to edit the photos myself. I had my notes from last year’s module, Styling with the Camera where we learnt basic Photoshop with Carl. I also bought myself 2 books on Photoshop for Photographers and as you may imagine, I couldn’t understand the instructions in the book!  Nothing seemed to work when I tried the steps and I began to get very frustrated with the whole thing.  I spoke to an Assistant in our Photography team, Gary, who advised me that there were loads of really good Tutorials on YouTube and so my real Photoshop training began.  Three of the most useful and easy to understand tutorials which I used are:

  1. Retouch, Airbrush and Smooth Skin Professionally in Photoshop by Photoshop Tutorials
  2. All About Skin Retouching by Adrienne McNeillis
  3. How to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop by Elena Jasic

I didn’t want to change the photos too much as I am not a Photographer and that proficient at Photoshop however I did want to tidy them up a bit. Here are my two final images chosen with both before editing and after editing.

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Claire xx