Metallic Shoot 2

For this shoot I have decided that I want to create 2 different images if possible. Firstly a metallic smokey eye with gorgeous makeup then I want to change it to a more avant garde look. The ideas for this shoot can be found on my Pinterest Board – Here

A few of my favorite inspirational photos are:

As I am looking at doing a metallic shoot, I believe that they would look best shot in a studio so that I can take advantage of the lighting to enhance the metallic properties of the products used.

I want the photos to be head (and / or shoulder) shots like above and so I am going to tie the hair back. I will also put the model in a strapless top as I don’t want any clothes on view in the picture.

For the lighting I want the model looking directly at a key light so her whole face is lit up. I don’t want any or little shadows on the face at all.

With regards to posing I like the look of photos 2 and 4.  Photo 2 will show off the metallic highlighting and for the 2nd look, photo 4 will show off the eye makeup.

I have sent the call sheet and the map to the Model Agency – Jadore Models.

Call Sheet for 24 03 2016 Mettallic – Texture          Fielden Campus – Map       Fielden Campus – Transport

I cant wait to get started on this shoot as I love metallics.

Keep reading for more info on how we pull shoots together behind the scenes and if you have any ideas on what you want me to write about or give step by step tutorials on, please email me at and sign up to my Newsletter at my website –

Claire xx