1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and Modern Photo Shoot – Behind The Scenes

On Sunday I took part in an amazing photo shoot with Phil Polinski and a new model, Josie Moran at Red Tin Roof Studios in Wythenshawe.

I really liked the idea of this shoot as I love Phil’s work (Portfolio) and his idea of a vintage shoot really intrigued me.  Most photographers want to do PinUp Style photos but Phil suggested Film Noir and wanted to use some moody lighting as well as changing to another look later on.

The first look we worked on was Film Noir/1930’s Hollywood Glamour.  I created the typical 1930’s style makeup with orange/Red lips and neutral eye makeup with large waved hair. I then changed this to 1940’s and changed the blush, lip and eye colour and curled the hair a bit more.

As we had loads of time left before I had to leave, I changed Josie’s hair and makeup into 1950’s style.  I added winged liner and a second set of darker, fuller lashes and changed the lip colour to a deep red colour. For the hair I created 2 small victory rolls as we didn’t want a typical exaggerated look.

Finally, I had time for one more simple change before I had to leave and so I made Josie look more modern by running oil through her hair to relax her curls a bit. With her makeup I gave Josie burgundy and grey smokey eyes, changed her blush and gave her modern matte Bordeaux lips.

Above are some of the behind the scenes photos and below are a couple of sneaky previews of the final photos.

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Claire xx