Metallic Shoot 1

My next assessed Shoot is on 24th March and is proving to be a tricky one.  It’s more coming up with an idea which I am finding difficult as I have already done many assessments using texture and metallic.

My dilemma is whether to keep the makeup beautiful and add some metallic shine like the pictures below or go full on metallic and glitter!  I’ve done quite a few Avant Garde pieces over the last 2 years and so I’m inclined to keep the makeup beautiful and add some shimmer.

I really like the idea of the minimal look makeup with metallic eyes and I am more swayed towards silver/gunmetal than coloured metallics and definitely want to do texture as well but have decided to do glossy eyes and wet look as different shoots. For this assessment it will definitely be metallic as I love a bit of bling!

I have various options with regards to metallic products including glitter, cream pigments, powder pigments, liquid pigments, gold and silver leaf, eye gloss and lip gloss.  I could also use mirrors, tin foil, paperclip, pennies and sweet wrappers. As I want to keep the image stylised rather than avant garde I will probably go for metallic eyes, powder on the lips and if I have time, darken the eyes and add liquid or gold leaf for another look.  I will be testing the look of all of these products over the next couple of weeks so please follow this blog if you want to see the results. For a look at my ideas board – click here

With regards to the hair and costume, they won’t be seen at all by the camera as I want really tight shots like the photos below and so I will scrape the hair back into a pony tail and have the model in a strapless top.

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Claire xx