Snowed In !!!!

Well, I was up at 6am and ready for Uni with my car de-snowed and coffee in my travel mug ready for the journey ahead.  With Radio 1 playing in the background I tentatively set off through the 5-6″ of snow which we have had in Rossendale.

Well as you can see the snow looked lovely however driving in it, even with my Mini Countryman proved difficult!  After a scary 10 minute journey out of my village, I managed to make it onto the main road however to my horror, discovered that it hadn’t been gritted either!

Not being one to give up easily I tried to make my way to the motorway (a usual 10 minute journey took me over 55 mins) only to be advised to turn around as the motorway was completely jammed with cars which had skidded and I wouldn’t be getting anywhere soon.

I have taken this as a sign that I should work from home today and catch up on my written work and so if you are reading this before you set off and you don’t really need to go out anywhere, my advice is to stay warm at home and enjoy the snow from the view from your window.

Claire xx