Eyeliner Storyboard 4 – Behind the Scenes

Thursday was an amazing day at University. My model, Georgia arrived bright and early and there was only myself booked into the studio for a shoot.  If you’ve ever been in education you will know that this rarely happens and we frequently have to fight for time in the studios.

My aim in the 4 hours which I had booked with my model was to create and shoot 7 different eyeliner styles from the Spring and Pre Fall 2016 Fashion shows and show how they can be worn by real women rather than on the catwalk.

On Wednesday evening I arranged my 7 different looks into an order so that they would be easy to follow on from each other with a minimal amount of removal.

After some difficulty on Thursday morning getting my camera to take photos properly, Carl our Photography Tutor changed the settings on my camera for me and off I went to create magic for our class magazine.  I set up the studio with a basic Paramount Lighting set up and used a grey background as I didn’t want lots of colour to distract from the eye makeup. As you can see below from my test shots and behind the scenes photo, the lighting looked great and so off I went………

Full edited photos will be shown once the pictures have been submitted to the magazine for my article but for now here is a sneak peak.

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Claire xx