Glossy and Wet Look Shoots – 3

After booking my model – Talia from J’adore Models I have sent over the Call Sheet for theTalia shoot to the agency via a Dropbox Folder. I find that this is the best way as J’adore Models have their own folder in my Dropbox with all of the call sheets, information sheets, maps and transport info and finally a folder for each model with their edited photos in.  As I book my models in advance, I find that after sending the call sheets via email they end up asking me for them again the day before the shoot and so this way they have access to everything in case I am working and can’t resend anything!

A copy of my call sheet for this shoot can be seen here – Call Sheet for 17 03 2016 Summer Look and Gloss Look

 Shoot Ideas

With regards to the actual shoot itself I have quite a few ideas as I have previously spoken about. Some of the ideas for this shoot can be seen below in my 2 Pinterest Boards however I am looking at keeping the Glossy Eye shoot cropped tightly and so the hair will be tied back and I will put my model in a boob tube type top so we don’t accidentally see any clothing.  For the Wet Look shoot I will be doing head and shoulders style shots as I also want the wet look on the models skin.  Again she will be in a boob tube type top so that she is partly covered up.

Wet Look Inspiration – Pinterest Board – Here

Glossy Eye Inspiration – Pinterest Board – Here


Both of these shoots will be taking place in a studio as I want the lighting to be quite specific.  The style I like for both of these shoots is called Butterfly or Paramount Lighting (as it was popular in the 1930’s in Hollywood) The reason it is called Butterfly lighting is because the light is directly in front of the model but at a steep angle facing down which creates a shadow right under the nose that resembles a butterfly. It is widely considered to be a beauty lighting set up, especially for women as it pronounces the cheekbones and creates natural contouring due to the shadows which are cast by the light.  I have also been advised that it is a good idea to have a golden coloured ‘bounce board’ below the model to use as a fill light as it will give a beautiful soft glow to the models face.  I have found a diagram of the set up I want on

Another style I want to try is called backlighting.  This is set up as per butterfly lighting but you also have a light positioned behind the model directed at the back of their head.  This adds depth and drama to the lighting and from what I have seen on many photography websites looks amazing in the final photos. I have found a diagram of the set up I want to use on


As can be expected (I’m a bit of a nerd and also love Pinterst) I have a separate board on Pinterest for all of the information which I find on various websites relating to lighting techniques. My Photographic Lighting board can be seen here

Keep reading for more info on how we pull shoots together behind the scenes and if you have any ideas on what you want me to write about or give step by step tutorials on, please email me at and sign up to my Newsletter at my website –

Claire xx