Glossy and Wet Look Shoots – 2

TaliaThis post is a big of a tag on to my previous post as I’m hoping that whilst I have Talia booked for the day and 6 hours of my Portfolio Development Module at Uni, I can use this time to transform Talia again from Natural Makeup to High Gloss Eyes and finally to a Wet Look Shoot.

Again I am going to be going the experimentation for this shoot on myself using different products and techniques and will be detailing them on a separate post for those of you who are interested.  I am hoping that this experimentation at home will ensure that I have enough time in the makeup and photography studios to get the 2 shoots done.

The second look of the afternoon, and Talia’s 3rd look of the day will be in the style of a wet look shoot.  I’m not going into too much detail now but I will matt the eyes back down and then create the wet look using products.  Ill give more info on the products when I do my experimentation.  I like the idea of the wet look as its not one which you see often in magazines and when I came to do my research on the internet, there weren’t many ideas out there for me to take inspiration from.  There were the usual wet t-shirt photos but I’m looking at a more editorial style rather than lads mag!!!!

Some of the ideas for this shoot, i.e. wet look, can be seen below or on my Pinterest Board – Here


For the hair I am going to keep it long and loose and wet.  I will create a bit of a curl before I add the wet look products as I don’t want the hair to be limp.

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Claire xx