Recreate Shoot 9 – Lighting

For this shoot I was quite sure that I knew the style of lighting I wanted to use and also how to set it up. I wanted the lighting mainly on the two models with minimal shadows. With this in mind I knew that I would have to have a light at the front of the models. I also wanted there to be a soft evening glow and so I wanted the reflectors in front of the models with a light rebounding off the reflector casting a glow.

Another great lighting set up which I really liked the look of in the online photography blogs which I have read (Saved to my Pinterest Board – Here) is back lighting. This adds depth to the shot and also lights the model’s hair.  Two of the examples from my Pinterest Board which I wanted to use are below.

For the actual shoot we used a very similar set up to the above as you can see below.  Its only taken me 18 months but I think that I’m finally getting the hand of photographic lighting and the effects it can have.


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