Glossy and Wet Look Shoots – 1


Whilst I’ve got the gorgeous Talia booked, I decided to extend the booking for the whole of the day.  After my Natural Summer Makeup Shoot I have experimentation time in my Portfolio Development Module.  Instead of just messing about with makeup and playing on my colleagues, I have decided to do the experimenting on myself at home (stay tuned for some photos of me in all sorts of states!!!) and use the time in University more productively and create the experimented looks on my models and again with the use of the studios at Uni, create some more amazing photos for my portfolio.

The look I am creating in the morning is for my Showcase Magazine article regarding recreating a natural summer look and so Talia won’t be wearing too much makeup.  Talia has a perfect look for this style of makeup however I also believe that she will be ideal for more avant garde looks.

The second look which I am proposing to create on Talia is a high gloss eye with matte lips.  I like the idea of the two textures being in the one photo.  I am also going to mix things up by creating a nude gloss eye and dark berry lips.  Most of the images which I have found on the internet and saved to my Pinterest Board for this shoot have a metallic gloss eye and pink or red lips!  Trust me to want to do the complete opposite!!!  I know how I want this to look in my head and when I create all of my Face Charts next week, I will get a good feel for the idea and whether it works.

Some of the ideas for this shoot, i.e. glossy eye, can be seen below or on my Pinterest Board – Here



For the hair I am going to keep it tied back as I want the main emphasis on the face and especially the eyes.  I want to crop the photo in as close as possible.

Keep reading to see my experimentation and if you have any ideas on what you want me to write about or give step by step tutorials on, please email me at and sign up to my Newsletter at my website –

Claire xx