Photo Editing – aaaaaarrrrrrrgh!!

As part of our modules we have to produce contact sheets of all of the photos taken.  These are small photos, usually 24-30 photos per page. These show all of your photos together so that you can then choose which ones you like and which ones you want to discard. I found a great example of this on and it can be seen below.

Contact Sheet

Once we have our contact sheets and chosen the images we want in our portfolio, we then need to have a before editing photo and then we need to get creative on Photoshop and Picasa.  I have bought Photoshop Elements 11 for my PC and my husband has the full Photoshop on his PC however I am not the best at editing photos!  In our first year we had a full semester on using Photoshop and I have bought a couple of books on using Photoshop and still the whole thing baffles me!  I’m obviously not meant to be awesome at everything!!!!

With this in mind I have set out to contact Photo Retouchers and decided to use Purple Port as I am a subscribed member and you can look at reviews from other people.  I did a basic search for people with at least 2 reviews and came up with a list of people.  After checking out their pages I decided to contact Richard Colvill, who is a creative director / retoucher as I really like the look of his work.

Richard got back to me very quickly and I’m going to have a conversation with him regarding editing all the photos for my portfolio, not just the ones for this semester.

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