Natural Summer Look – 1

I’ve booked my gorgeous model – Talia who is going to be with me in the studio on, all day on Thursday 17th March. I am doing 2, possibly 3 looks on this day as they will all follow on from each other and so be too difficult to change the hair and makeup for the next shoot.


The first shoot is to go with another one of my articles for the ‘Showcase Magazine’ which we are producing as an accumulation of our skills from the previous 2 years on our Makeup Artistry Degree Course.

I decided to create an article giving step by step information on how to create beautiful natural looking makeup for the summer months. I decided to do this article as I get asked by clients who want to wear makeup during the summer months, how to achieve a natural look.

I have chosen Talia because I believe that she has a naturally pretty look which will look great for this shoot and then I believe that she will be able to carry off the two more Avant Garde looks in the afternoon. For more info on my ideas for the eyeliner looks, please visit my Pinterest Board – Here


One of the main looks which I am aiming to achieve can be seen to the left and again on my Pinterest board which is linked above.  I am planning on evening out the skin tone and then using a minimal blush to add a natural healthy glow to the skin, followed by minimal eye and lip work.

Hairnatural 2

For the hair I am going to keep it loose and create a slight wave in it as the look isn’t structured and so I don’t want the hair to be either.

Posing Ideas

For this shoot, I think that it would look great in Didsbury Park however as we are in England and the shoot is taking place in March, I am not banking on having good enough weather to shoot outside and so I will also make plans for an inside shoot.  The posing will definitely depend upon the location.  If we are outside I would like the model to be walking through the park etc. however if she is in the studio then I believe that a more natural pose, looking at the camera may be the best.  For the magazine article the photo will be cropped to head and shoulders however how the model poses will determine the style of the shot, i.e. whether she is face onto the camera or her body is turned away and she is looking back over her shoulder etc. I like both posing ideas and so would like to try both to see which one I prefer on the day.  I have bought a summer style dress for the model to wear for an outside shoot however if we are in the studio I have a lovely strapless top which she can wear with jeans.


Lighting will again depend upon the location.  I am hoping for a lovely spring day and want to use natural lighting with the natural makeup. The shoot is taking place at about 11am and so the lighting should be great for an outdoors shoot.

If we are in the studio, I want the lighting to be quite bright. Again, not over exposed but well-lit with the lighting on the face. I would like minimal shadow on the face as I want the model looking straight at the camera. For this I believe that I will have to have a light set up in front of my model as well as a side light. Before I set this up though I will speak to Carl, my Photography Tutor regarding his and possibly create a lighting plan on my iPad App.

This is an exciting semester for me personally as not only am I developing my portfolio via my assessments but I can also add to it via my magazine articles and also privately arranged shoots with Photographers.

I have a lot going on for the next 3 months and so my friends and family will think that I have disappeared but it will be worth it at the end of May when I get to submit all of my work and my final portfolio.

Keep reading and if you have any ideas on what you want me to write about or give step by step tutorials on, please email me at and sign up to my Newsletter below.

Claire xx