Eye Liner Storyboard – 2

Well I’ve heard from my lovely model – Georgia who is going to be with me in the studio on Thursday 3rd March recreating 7 different eyeliner looks for my Eyeliner Storyboard. This shoot is to go with one of my articles for the ‘Showcase Magazine’ which we are producing as an accumulation of our skills from the previous 2 years on our Makeup Artistry Degree Course.


I decided to create an article giving step by step information on how to create 7 different winged eyeliner looks which are popular on the catwalk. With this article revolving around 7 different looks it gives me the opportunity to create not only a storyboard (1 page with 7 close cropped photos) but also 7 separate images, potentially for my portfolio.

I have chosen Georgia because I believe that she has amazing eyes and brows and will be able to carry off all of the looks including some of the more avant garde styles.  For more info on my ideas for the eyeliner looks, please visit my Pinterest Board

From the boards the 7 types of eyeliner which I have chosen to recreate are:

  • Classic Wing
  • Double Wing
  • Bold Wing
  • Graphic
  • Soft Sexy Square
  • Feline Ombre Flick
  • Two Colour Wing

Not only do I believe that some of these are classics which all women want to achieve but also some of the more daring eyeliner styles might give people ideas for their Saturday Night Out Makeup!


Hair & Additional Makeupeyemakeup ideas

For the hair I am going to keep it tied back and off the face. For this shoot the hair isn’t important and so I’m not going to spend time messing about with it.  For the eyes, I am going to keep all of the makeup neutral to emphasise the eye liner and for the lips I will begin with nude, working up to a dark Bordeaux shade at the end. For this to work, I will decide upon the order of the eyeliner, and then which colour lips I want with each eyeliner style.

Eyeliner Syle for storyboardPosing Ideas

For these shoots, the posing is essential as I want all of the storyboard photos to have the same pose and crop so that they all look the same.  For this I have chosen the
below look which can again be found on my Pinterest boards above.



For the individual photos I want the poses to show off the eyeliner style (however they will all be head shots) and so I have selected the below poses for the full face pictures.

Eyeliner 1



I want the lighting to be quite bright. Not over exposed but well-lit with the lighting on the face. I would like minimal shadow on the faces. For this I believe that I will have to have a light set up in front of my model as well as at the side of the face which will be turned more towards the camera. Before I set this up though I will speak to Carl, my Photography Tutor regarding his and possibly create a lighting plan on my iPad App.

All photos used above can be found on my Pinterest Board

I cant wait to work with Georgia and have a fun day producing these amazing eyeliner looks.

Claire x