Lighting for my Shoots

Well this morning I was a little bit bored. I’m having a day off as it’s my Birthday Party tonight and so whilst sat in rollers and before I get working on my nails and eyebrows; all the essential things for a party, I have decided to look at photography lighting for my shoots.

Usually with the lighting I either leave it up to the photographer or ‘mess about’ with the lights at the actual shoot to get the look which I am trying to create however I want to have a basic understanding so that I can quickly set up the studios with minimal tweaking!

I have a few photography books but they deal with the actual camera itself or posing ideas so I have decided to do what a modern girl does when she needs info quickly – I turned to the internet.

Lighting on google

Now I can’t be bothered with saving favourites in my Google Chrome as I cannot access the information anywhere and so I usually save websites and info off the internet to a Pinterest Board.  I have downloaded the Pin It button my PC and away I go saving important information at the touch of a button!

pin it

I am still getting to grips with lighting but feel that I want to make plans for the lighting so that I can discuss them with my tutor then see where I am making changes and make my own ‘Lighting Cheat Sheets’ for future shoots.

My Lighting Pinterest Board can be viewed – here

Some of the ideas I have been looking at involve placing lights in positions which I would have never thought of including directly in front of or directly behind the model! I can’t wait to start experimenting with these ideas and here are a few ideas……