Recreation Evening Shoot 3

Well I’ve finally got my 2 models booked for my Shoot on 25th February 2016. I’ve booked Josh L and Madison from J’Adore Model Agency. I’m now feeling a lot lighter in the pocket however I want my images to look great for my final assessments/shoots and so I have decided that it is worth being a poor student for the semester so that I can create the images which I want. Hopefully I can make some money over the summer to fund my final year of my BA course!

Josh now has blonde hair but I think that both of them with blonde hair will look great and very in keeping with the Tom Ford / Guess style of shoot which I am aiming to do. I’ve sent over the call sheet which is pictured below to the agency and it has been passed on to both models.  I have been given their mobile numbers and I will call both of them tomorrow to discuss the shoot, clothing and the campus.

I cant wait to work with both of these models as they have a great look which I believe is in keeping with the style of the shoot I am looking at creating.

I’ve also been purchasing clothes for Madison for the shoot and will speak to both Madison and Josh tomorrow about bringing a few of their own items of clothing with them. Fingers crossed that they’ll be young and trendy and have plenty of things I can choose from, especially Josh as I’m hoping he will only need jeans as per the photo below!