Recreate Image 5 – My Inspiration

As the style of my shoot is very much in keeping with the new Tom Ford Advertisements as seen below and on my Pinterest Board for this shoot, I decided to look up who did the makeup for these shoots and was delighted to discover that it was non other than Charlotte Tilbury.

I absolutely adore her work and her range of makeup and so I looked on her Social Media Pages which I follow to see if I could find inspiration. If you want to follow Charlotte Tilbury, her links are below:

FaceBook      Instagram     Twitter     Youtube     Website

As you can imagine, I have watched many of her makeup tutorials and here are a couple of the ones which have inspired me for this shoot:

Rihanna: Rock ‘n’ Roll Bedroom Smokey Eyes – View Here

Hot Date Makeup Look – View Here

I’m now super excited to do this shoot next week and cant wait to see the final images.