Eyeliner Storyboard 1

As part of this Semester we have to create a final showcase piece and this year we are creating a Makeup Magazine. All articles and photos have to be created by ourselves and so I decided that this would be a great way to add further images to enhance my Portfolio, not only for myself but also for my Portfolio Development Module.

As I already have a Pinterest Board with all different types of eyeliner from natural to winged to Avant Garde I decided to continue to use this as my inspiration for the task. The Pinterest Board can be viewed Here.

As part of the Showcase Module I am writing an article on how to create 7 different types of eyeliner at home with finished photos to show the client how it is supposed to look when they have finished.  I decided to do 7 types of eyeliner as firstly I needed to create at least a double page spread and secondly I can gain at least 14 extra photos for my Portfolio including 7 in a storyboard.

As all of the photos will be close up’s of the model or partial faces, I do not need to worry about a costume or hair. However as this is me I have purchased a dress for the model to wear and will create a sleek style for her hair which will not detract from the eyeliner/makeup.

As part of the article I will also be writing about the different products which can be used to create the looks and so I will be not only using products which I own in my Kit but also exploring new brands and types of eyeliner for the article.

I have read a great article on the best eyeliners according to Makeup Artists and so I will be taking some inspiration from that as to the products which I will be testing/exploring.  Read a copy of the article from 15minutebeauty.com – here