Recreation Evening Shoot 2

As part of this shoot I have purchased 2 outfits for the female model. one is black and gold and the other is red. I want to create a sexy feel to the shoot but not in an offensive way. My inspiration for this idea has come from the Tom Ford and Guess Jeans adverts for last year.  Whist they hint at sexy they do not come across as crude.

The images which I like the style of can be found in my Pinterest Board: Inspiration – Shoot Couples Board

I really like the idea of the man and woman to be intimate whilst not crossing the boundaries. I also like the idea of them doing the same shoot again in their underwear but this will all depend upon the amount of time which I can get in the studio.

I definitely think that the background should be dark and the shoot should be carried out in a studio. I like the idea of the lighting being fairly soft to imitate evening lighting with the focus of the lighting being on the models.

For posing, again I love the Tom Ford and Guess advertisements as they are intimate without being overtly explicit. I want the female model to be the main focus of the shoot with the male model being used as her ‘prop’ (he will be in a supporting role to the female model). My ideas for posing and staging of the shoot can also be found in Inspiration – Shoot Couples Board