Discussing my Shoot Ideas

As I only have this semester left before I start my final BA year I decided to be savvy about the projects assigned to me and use them all to develop my portfolio and create some amazing fashion images.

Yesterday at University I had a class called ‘Showcase’ in which we are creating a Makeup & Hair magazine from scratch between our group. I discussed the magazine articles which I want to create with my tutor Steve and how they could cross over to become portfolio images.

My first article is going to be on Future Catwalk Hair & Makeup Trends for F/W 2016 and the debate between neutral/nude and dark/berry colours. From this I can create 2 images, 1st one including nude lips and the 2nd one including dark Berry lips.

My next article is about summertime no-makeup, makeup and so I can obtain a barely there look to enhance my portfolio images as most of my photos are avant garde or glamorous.

My last article is ‘7 ways to re-vamp your eyeliner’ in which I can create a graphic storyboard using 6 of the 7 photos and using one of the images full size.

As 2 of my colleagues are also doing Catwalk Trends but historical and current, Steve suggested that we also create group images once we have our individual photos, which I think is a great idea.

Next I need to look at the experimental shoot ideas to enhance what is missing from Showcase, Portfolio Development and my current images.

Ideas for the looks which I want to create can be found below or on my Portfolio Development Board and Showcase Board