Researching Ideas from Magazines


After uni yesterday I decided to have a look through my magazine collection from the last 12 months and see if any styles of makeup stood out that I’d like to incorporate into my assessments and also add my own style to.

As you can see from the pile it took me a few hours but I managed to find quite a few themes including barely there makeup, glitter, heavily sculpted, glamorous, pastels etc. The magazines I used were Vogue, Elle, Hello Fashion, Hello Catwalk and Vogue Catwalk.

I’ve now taken a large book and started to cut the images out and make myself an inspiration book of styles which I want to try. Once completed I will then choose the ones that really stand out to me as inspiration for my face charts which I will be creating over the next few weeks.

Officially my assessments are – remake of one of my own pieces of work, texture and/or metallics and a piece showing my professional makeup style.