Assessment Ideas – Remake of past shoot

For my re-make of an assessment I’ve decided to redo my Evening Makeup  Assessment. The reason behind this is I mistakenly booked a model through a website and when she arrived she didn’t look anything like her photos. She also looked to be underage which she confirmed she wasn’t but she didn’t have the right look for the style of the assessment.

Whilst applying makeup to my model she advised me that she wasn’t allowed to wear heavy makeup or eyeliner which defeated the object of the booking which I’d made with her! Unfortunately as it was an assessment I pushed forward but was very disappointed with the lack of experience which the model had and her overall attitude and therefore the results of the photo.

My idea to improve on this shoot is to have an older model in a sexy but tasteful evening dress (which I will purchase specifically for the shoot) with her hair and makeup done in a more glamorous fashion. For the hair I am thinking soft waves like the Bazaar magazine cover photo below.  I don’t want to do heavy contouring i.e. Kim Kardashian style as that’s not my style; but my model will be made up with glamorous smokey eyes possibly in browns and bronze colours with a dark lash line and lashes. The lips I want to keep fairly nude as this is more current in style.

For inspiration I am taking ideas from are the cover of Bazaar Magazine and an advert for Tom Ford Beauty pictured below. These images can be found on my Pinterest Board for this project: Portfolio Development Board

I am also adding a man into the shoot as I am missing male models in my portfolio. The model I have chosen is very Tom Ford Catwalk style with blonde hair and brown beard. I am getting both of my models from J’adore Model Agency.


Evening makeup ideas