Assessment Ideas – Metallic / Texture

For my Metallic / Texture Assessment I’d like to incorporate both elements if possible. I have previously used metallic silver as a face mask for my Geisha Body Art Assessment and so Im not sure if I want this assessment just to be painted metallics. 

 I really love the idea of liquid metal and also gold leaf for a theme however I am also slightly obsessed with the diamante skulls which I have seen in magazines. I’m not sure if the diamante skull will add to my portfolio for the work I am looking to undertake after I have finished my course however it would be amazing to recreate using coloured crystals

With regards to the liquid metals I have 4 gorgeous metallic pigments from Mehron in Gold, Siver, Bronze and Copper which can be mixed with a medium to create liquid metals. I think these would look gorgeous against a background of elegant makeup.
I also think that gold leaf is beautiful and teamed with a black smokey eye will look very effective, however I am a sparkly girl at heart and think that I would probably end up following the saying of ‘more is more’ and cover either half or the whole face in gold leaf !!!

 I will ask my friends and family’s opinions and also speak to my tutors for their advice on this one as I’d do all 3 ideas if I could!!!

All of these photos can be seen on my Pinterest Board: Portfolio Development Board along with other inspirational pictures which I have found on the internet.

Metallics / Texture