About Me

Everything you want / need to know about makeup, skincare and hair styling from a professional Makeup Artist

As a Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Beauty Therapist with nearly 20 years working in the industry, I am writing these blog posts to share my knowledge with women of all ages. I am not an Instagram Influencer and so I create beautiful wearable makeup for real women.

One of the services that I provide, and which has been more frequently requested is personal makeup lessons. No longer can you turn to You Tube or the internet to easily find a tutorial for wearable makeup rather than the current trend of Instagram makeup!

Through my clients, I discovered that there is a lack of knowledge out there for women who want to wear more natural looking makeup, learn about skincare and also learn what a makeup artist keeps in her personal makeup bag! As a woman and makeup artist in my 40’s, I have put my years of experience working on women of different ages and races to good use and created this blog.

If you have a particular question, please contact me via email or Social Media and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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Thank You

Claire xx

De-Cluttering my Personal Makeup Part 1

So as with any makeup lover my collection of personal makeup was getting out of hand. My winter and summer makeup were mixed in together and I had plenty of makeup which I just haven’t reached for in a long time. As I’ve already de-cluttered my professional makeup kit, I thought it was time that I did the same for my personal products !