About Me

Everything you want / need to know about makeup, skincare and hair styling from a professional Makeup Artist

As a Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist and Beauty Therapist with nearly 20 years working in the industry, I am writing these blog posts to share my knowledge with women of all ages. I am not an Instagram Influencer and so I create beautiful wearable makeup for real women.

One of the services that I provide, and which has been more frequently requested is personal makeup lessons. No longer can you turn to You Tube or the internet to easily find a tutorial for wearable makeup rather than the current trend of Instagram makeup!

Through my clients, I discovered that there is a lack of knowledge out there for women who want to wear more natural looking makeup, learn about skincare and also learn what a makeup artist keeps in her personal makeup bag! As a woman and makeup artist in my 40’s, I have put my years of experience working on women of different ages and races to good use and created this blog.

If you have a particular question, please contact me via email or Social Media and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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Thank You

Claire xx

Best Budget Beauty Buys under £12

As a woman and a makeup artist I like to have high end makeup and skincare products in my professional makeup kit and also my personal makeup bag however over the years some high street products have become much, much better and therefore there is now a time and place for these products in our lives, both personally and professionally.

Decluttering my personal foundations

Ive been looking at things to keep me busy. At the moment Im decluttering, sanitising and disinfecting my entire house including my wardrobe and large, ever growing personal makeup collection!